Saturday, September 6, 2008

Man rapes 8 day old daughter. Weird world we live in.

(Forrest City, Arkansas- 9/4/2008) - The last time Jacqueline Smith saw her 18-year-old son, Reginald Davis, he was leaving their Forrest City, Arkansas, home.

She says he had gotten a call from his girlfriend about their baby girl being sick.

"She had called, and it was like about 12:45 am. He was walking out the door. He said, 'mama I'll be back. I am going to see what's wrong with the baby,'" says Smith.

Hours later, Reginald was calling her from jail, saying he had been arrested.

The police report says Reginald's 8-day-old-baby had been taken to the hospital by Reginald, the baby's 15-year-old mom and the grandmother.

They said the baby had vaginal bleeding.

Doctors also found evidence of sexual assault and physical assault from bruises on the child's face and head.

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This is why i do what i do on this blog.

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Casey Brown-Myers said...

Dregs such as this should be shot on site. No questions, no trial, just lead in the head.