Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best way to find people online. Find people online.

Best way to find people online. Find people online.

I ran across a very interesting and informative article online recently that soint out several free resource to find people and public information the good old fashioned way. Here is a bit of the actual article, well the first paragraph any way...

"For a while, you have been uncomfortable at work. A coworker on the late shift strikes you as odd. At times, he totally freaks you out. Reporting the situation to the police or bosses may be going overboard at this point, yet you are still a bit concerned. You recently heard of the background check that can be performed online. Will the background search get back to you, or even worse, the shady individual you are searching."

Best way to find people online

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The best and least expensive emailable christmas gift.

How many years at christmas time do you remember a person or people you have completely forgotten about getting a gift for? With me it happens at least a score of times each and every year around christmas gift giving day. Has this ever happened to you? You know it's too late to find an open store and none will be open christmas day so you try and ditch the person until the day after christmas. Maybe you dont go to such extremes but you sure wish you did at the time.

Well this year i have the answer for the few people i know i will forget to shop for. This year they will get great and meaning ful gifts from me in the personal messages on their cellphones or emails on their computer, and you know what? They will love them and spend christmas using my gift for a few hours or at least thinking about it. All the gifts i am about to suggest are excellent gifts that you will more than likely use before handing them over to the real recipients. Gifts so useful and tailor made that they will have no idea that they were last minute.

If you have ever found yourself in one of these situations, and had an overwhelming urge to find out the truth, you may make a terrific online investigator.

Discover the truth through legal investigations online

Imagine being able to search local police records for your neighbor’s address, only to find he has been arrested four times for narcotics violations. Or, you can search the motor vehicles database and local police reports to locate the name and address of your friend’s hit-and-run driver. You can also find out where your friend’s husband has been going after work, and now you must decide whether or not to tell her the truth.

Having the ability to investigate these relatively simple situations online is easy. Many reputable databases can provide you with unlimited access to millions of public records from all across the country. You have nationwide access to documents that might otherwise never be seen.

Search court documents to find out if your next door neighbor is really a deadbeat parent, or perhaps a convicted child molester. Or search pending foreclosures to get that once-in-a-lifetime deal on a bigger home.

All of this can be done by searching public records…legally.

Conveniently protect your family and friends with the power of knowledge

You could go to the courthouse or to the recorder’s office, and search all of these records by hand. Or you could use an affordable online service, such as Net Detective, that will immediately transform you from a neighborhood busy body to seasoned investigator. You can have the inside scoop, allowing you to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.

You can have “insider” information on your neighbor’s private lives, or you can check out a new neighbor to make sure they are not a threat to your children. You can find out about your friends’ and lovers’ past histories, and learn how to prevent others from finding out your secrets. Run your own credit check to protect yourself against theft or fraud, especially in this day and age of forgery and identity theft.

Whatever your motivations are, you can become your neighborhood’s online sleuth. Within a matter of minutes, you can discover the truth behind your investigations – protecting you and your loved ones with insider knowledge.

Ready to Find the truth??

Try the best people search website out there?

Still less than $10 a year for unlimited people searches and use of all tools and resources.

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent Technologies Change Public Records Game.

With the way the world is going no one is surprised that Public Records uses and memberships have sky-rocketed (background checks, find people, asset, marriage and grave locating also) it is only natural with the explosion in crime and weirdness in the world.

The latest thing in the public records field is the introduction of the Public Records website Acme that allows you to search all major public records databases from one place and then decide which service to get your information from. How it works...

You enter a name and any other information you have into the standard search engine and click on enter just like always, here is where the differences start. After clicking enter your request is sent to most major public records services and they gather the information and give you a sample and a price quote, you choose which service to become a member with after viewing the price and information quality. This has seen prices drop 25-30% over the last three quarters.

This new way to find information on people is better suited, easier and more inexpensive for businesses and individuals wanting to gather personal information on a individual for personal or business related.

Public Records Will Never Be The Same. Better, Faster, cheaper.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to do a background check from a cell phone.

How to do a background check on a cell phone.

I was playing around with my new cell phone watch and discovered something that i was sure was possible. I ran a background check from the browser window. I knew it was easy and possible on my regular cell phone but i was not expecting the new cell phone watch to allow me to, well it did and does. Here's the quick and easy way to do a background check from any web enabled cell phone (most are now-a-days)

1. Open up your cell phones web browser like you normally would when surfing the internet.

2. Type in the web address http://findanyoneinstantly.com, when the page loads log in and perform your search. If you arent a member you will have to join, its cheap less than $10 a year for unlimited searches. But if you just want to try it out on a free to check service first enter this http://findthetruthaboutanyone.com

3. Put the name of the person you want to perform the search on and press enter. The rest is automatic.

Cool huh? Just wanted to share. And if you want to see a picture and/or video of my new cell phone watch click http://watchcellphone.blogspot.com new cell phone watch. I feel like a regular Dick Tracy, welcome to the future i guess. To bad gas is so high now.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

How to find people using the internet.

As you probably already know, the Internet is the largest and most POWERFUL information RESOURCE on the planet to find people …" IF "… you know WHERE to go and HOW TO LOOK . This incredible software resource will instantly guide you through the maze of over 800 million web pages and bring you to where you need to be to find what you're looking for, then walk you through the process of HOW to locate the information you're seeking.

Also, BE SURE to check your own credit reports so you can correct WRONG information that may be used to deny you credit.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Far out things you can do with an online background check.

This is a list of far out things you can do with online background checks.

» Do background checks on famous stars and public figures.
» How to "CLOAK" your e-mail so your TRUE e-mail address can't be discovered.
» HOW to make phone calls through a third party the number called doesn't appear on your phone bill.
» Where to find a list of SPEED TRAPS throughout the USA.
» How to check out the ETHICS and business practices of businesses worldwide, including those on the Internet.
» Where you can get SECURITY PRODUCTS such as recording and tracking equipment, listening devices, mini cameras, bomb detectors and more.
» Information on UNTRACEABLE ASSET protection (anonymous banking) and more.
» How to locate MILITARY records from Viet Nam, Korea, WW II
» Search LEGAL opinions, trial transcripts, etc...
» Find Wanted FUGITIVES -- maybe your secretive neighbor.

Even works from mobile phone browsers-- We are the best.

Online background checks are used worldwide by private investigators and detectives , as well as every day people who use it to find lost relatives, old high school and army buddies, deadbeat parents, lost loves, people that owe them money and just plain old snooping around. We are the best way or place online to do a background check..

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Background check website reviews, deals and tutorials.

Just wanted to let you readers know about the background check review website. Although I keep you well informed here on the blog.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Milwaukee Robbers Robbed Outside Of Jewelry store.

Two men who robbed a south side jewelry store Wednesday morning didn't get far after swiping money and jewelry from the business, Milwaukee police said.

As they left the store in the 1100 block of W. Historic Mitchell St. about 10:50 a.m., the two robbers - at least one of whom had a handgun - were met by a group of at least four men who robbed them, Lt. Thomas Welch said.

A fight broke out on the street before both groups got into their vehicles, sparking a chase, Welch said.

Milwaukee police officers pulled over both vehicles, arresting four people - the two original robbers, ages 31 and 40, and two men from the second group, ages 22 and 27, Welch said. All four of the arrested men were from Illinois, he said.

Police did not recover the jewelry or money and were searching for additional suspects, Welch said. He said police were investigating whether the two sets of robbers knew each other.

An estimate of the value of the stolen money and jewelry and a description of the suspects who were still at large were not available late Wednesday.

By Ryan Haggerty of the Journal Sentinel

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best Background Check. SAVE 85% OFF RETAIL PRICE (Ends Soon)

Just Wanted to let everyone know that the *Special price is back for a limited time.


5 Year access to Unlimited People Searches $199.94 ($23.94)

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By using our 100% legal and fully organized databases, you will have access to complete research and background check tools for obtaining public information on practically anyone from the privacy of your own home or office. Find the truth about anyone instantly.

• Search for ALL Public Records
• The best background check tools online
• Lookup Sex Offenders listed in Your Neighborhood
• Find Court & Criminal Records of Inmates Serving Time
• Find People. Including Phone Numbers & Addresses
• Lookup Old Marriage Records for Your Family History
• Lookup Death Records of Your Ancestors
• Search Civil Records
• Find Census Records
• Search Businesses & Bankruptcies
• Plus Get Unlimited Background Checks
• Find the truth about anyone instantly.

Tired of doing Searches that get you nowhere? Find the truth about anyone instantly now.

Gov-Resources is the Simple, Fast, and Low-cost background check public records solution!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

10 cool things you can do with background checks and public records.

It amazes me daily at just how many people do not understand that public records is not merely for business use, its also for personal use. In fact a full 30% of internet searches are for people and 85% of those searches are for personal reasons not business related. Here are 10 things you can do with a background check or public records membership. And the expense is almost non-existent. Hows less than $10 a year unlimited searches? Can you say google for your nose?

* Find out whether your job applicant really has the background and experience he claims

* Track down long-lost relatives and friends, even your whole high school class

* Protect yourself against today's scary epidemic of identity theft

* Learn your boss's or that cute new neighbor's unlisted phone number

* Has your fiance been married before, perhaps even been to jail?

* Where in the world is your lousy, cheating "ex" hiding assets?

* Learn whether your potential business partner, surgeon or contractor has ever been sued

* Discover who owns the car that sideswiped you, or that's parked in your neighbor's driveway every night

* Check whether relatives have unclaimed assets you can inherit

* That stranger who turned up out of nowhere, is he a fugitive? Find out now!

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Biggest background check membership sale ever ends in 36 hours.

SAVE 85% OFF RETAIL PRICE (Ends Soon) 5 Year access to Unlimited People Searches $199.94 ($23.94)

*Best Value One Time Billing ***Includes Unlimited People Searches for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, & Australia. **Recommended Choice.

2 Year access to Unlimited People Searches $99.94 ($20.94) One Time Billing

1 Year access to Unlimited People Searches $59.94 ($17.94) One Time Billing. Prices end Jan, 31


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Why its called the information super highway. Find out anything.

If for some reason you still haven't explored the world of public records and background checks, let me list a few things you can do with online background check and public records access.

+ Screen prospective employees - before you hire them.

+ Check credit history, driving or criminal records.

+ Track down people who owe you money and find hidden assets.

+ Investigate your family history - trace your family tree.

+ Check birth, death, adoption, or social security records.

+ Check military records for Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.

+ Check out your daughter's new boyfriend.

+ Put names and addresses to telephone numbers.

+ Find long lost friends and family members.

+ Really know your kids friends and their parents.

This will come in handy many times. You can even access our databases very easily from four mobile communication device or any PC with internet access. Some people are not aware of the power they have in their computer. Take a look around the site and see if we aren't worth the less than $10 a year access fee.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The latest advances in the public records industry.

There are so many technological advances in the public records and background check arena that make it far easier for the average citizen to find and investigate anyone that it is almost mind boggling.

Did you know you could perform background checks on almost anyone in America (over 230 million citizens) and it is perfectly legal, spectacularly simple and very inexpensive compare to 5 years ago? My public recirds and background check membership allows me to...

# Personal background records - Find current and previous names, addresses and vital records.

# Track, ceck, trace, anyone of over 230 million citizens

# The best online background check resource, find people and more.

# Historical property records - Locate property ownership records across the nation

# Phone numbers - Get listed and unlisted phone numbers (including mobile and VoIP lines)

# Criminal records - Find out details on anyone's criminal past

# Asset Records - What's he worth? Is she telling you the truth? Find out, today

# Civil judgments, bankruptcies and liens - Uncover their complete credit picture

# Civil records - Find in depth birth, death, marriage and divorce information

All from my PC, any PC and even from my cellphone. And all of this for a very inexpensive cost. Try 5 years unlimited access for $23.00. I got mine at a special rate that i am extending to this blogs readers. If interested hit the link.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great new way to find people, save time and money. Search by state.

Great new website offering searches by state. Find people Directory. Go and take a look at the website, i am still writing up my review, but from goofing around on the site and following the links, this seems to be another background check website worth doing a review on.

I wanted to make it very easy for people to find people by concentrating the search to only the databases of the state where the actual search is looking. Saves time by narrowing down the results. Why look for John Public in nebraska if he lives in Maine?

New way to search click here.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

The best background check price ever. 5 years $23.00!

This is the Email I received this morning. It was from one of my sponsors and it was great news. Now i can offer you a product i have had personally tested and found to be satisfactory. The price is unbelievable, better than i campaigned for. I can finally have a sale i can stand behind. Did i mention the price was impossible? 5 year membership with all the bells, whistles, tools and resources for $23 and change. I advise anyone even thinking about public records, background checks or looking for a friend, family member or ??? to read this email and visit the information page.

We know how hard the average person is being hit by the economy. That is why we have reduced our price to help you through this time. We have cut our prices 85% for the holiday season for all of our affiliates. We want everyone to have access to our databases. If your visitors have ever thought about public records or background checks, this is the time to urge them to further investigate. We will end this sale soon.

In addition Gov-Resources also gives your referrals immediate access to...

* Lost Classmates and old College buddies you went to school with.

* Find the truth about anyone instantly. We Find People.

* Check up on potential dates, suitors or life partners

* Investigate a suspicious person or strange neighbor

* Find out if a sex offender lives near you and get alerted by email

* Lookup sources for Military Records

* Find the truth about Co-workers

By joining they get Unlimited Access...

...to our ENTIRE Private-Only Members Area. This includes fully organized databases, resources and data centers they can personally use to conduct their own investigations from the privacy of their own home just like the detectives do! We make online investigations simple and now for this limited time we make it ultra inexpensive. Take advantage of the best tools online.

You are just minutes away from having that kind of knowledge at your fingertips (great tagline for emails, advertisements....)

So tell me... What are you waiting for? Promote away.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Don't hire a detective, be a detective. It's safe, easy and effective.

It's so much easier now to find out information on individuals online. It doesn't cost much, hardly anything, and it is safe, fast and effective. Anyone can do it, all you need is a Name, telephone number or license plate number (any one) and the automated website does the rest.

I just bet as time goes by private detectives are going to hate online background checks and public records websites. Not so long ago only police and private detectives had access to the government databases that big business and the like paid allot of money to access, now $30 will get you as many searches as you can dream up for a year or 2 or 3, yes 3 years. Thats basically free if you have a business. You can use it for references, background checks, employee screening, all the things private detectives fed their family with.

Can you imaging James Rockford from the rockford files or Tom Selleck being big time P.I's and chasing down leads on people if they could just go into the big house, office or mobile home (rockford) and punch in a name and get addresses on the fugitive in seconds? Luckily we can do this now and be At home Detectives.

Give it a try.

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