Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are online public records and background checks scams or legimate?

Unfortunately there is any number of unscrupulous individuals in the Internet marketplace, just like in the real world marketplace. There are online background checking websites that are good for nothing beyond taking your money. They routinely give you nothing more that the same information that you could find free on a basic Google search. I have been selling online public records investigations exclusively for the last 4 years so I have run into more than my share of con artist background check websites. But just as with anything I have learned through trial and error to recognize these charlatans and fleecers, as I call them, and steer clear of them.

Throughout my career online I have tried, used and affiliate marketed for hundreds of these websites. And after all is said and done I have found approximately 3 that were honest and offered a great service with grade a customer support. Out of hundreds. This is a very disheartening effect on the whole “paid” background check industry. Thankfully for the last 2 years I have been endorsing a great site with A-1 results, staff and support so my customers are always satisfied with their results. And this is what you as a customer needs to find. I can help you do that with 2 simple tips.

1. Try free public records websites first. Sometimes what you want to know is just sitting on Google waiting for the right keywords to activate it and bring it to the surface. I must warn you that Google searches are very time consuming and reading intensive but do work of the information you are looking for is not to in-depth. For indepth searches I recommend my own website.

2. Always look for testimonials, it is illegal to false advertise (though many do it) and the sites that do this are usually uncovered and communicated across the web to anyone interested. It is easy to type “background check website reviews” in google and go from there. And though it is fairly easy to fake a testimonial they usually look just that, fake. And steer away from thise sites that don’t display testimonials because usually they are the ones that have “been warned” by internet consumer watchdog groups.

3. Use services that offer memberships as opposed to single searches. In the long run the $15.99 single search paid background check will cost exponentially more than a paid unlimited search membership public records service. The one suggested after this post is a 3 year unlimited membership that also passes my inspection and it only costs $29.00 for the membership. This allows you to search anyone, anytime during that membership period.

4. Read the fine print. There are many good services out there but there are also many bad services out there, so you must be careful and testimonials and recommendations are the best route. Some of the bigger more reputable websites also offer tools and techniques to greatly improve your chances of finding exactly what you want. So do look for membership sites that let you do other things that you might find useful like, mask telephone numbers, search DMV records or conduct a Search from your cell phone. And they should offer the basics also like, telephone nimber checks, sex offernder searches and many others. Some just offer the initial search and uninformed consumers fall for them daily, padding their coffers.

Final word. Online public records and background check websites are all just about as good as their owners and webmasters. Some are a crock and some are useful;, helpful and positive models for the entire industry. If you find the right place this tool is amazing and will give you joy and pleasure for years to come.

I hope this helped, and if you have followed the tips and are now ready for professional quality online background checks and services. Click the more info link below. Of course if you are sure and ready to go click the I’m sold link.

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We have placed a clickbank product search box at the bottom of our blog. You can search for any product and be transported to 10's of thousands of products.

Ordered according to popularity so that visitors find the most popular sites first. Everyday, the popularity ranks are updated from the Clickbank marketplace feed. I originally set it up for my Background check visitors but so many others used it that i figured i may as well make a formal introduction.

Directions to use: Scroll Down to bottom of page, type in phrase or product, the software searches the content of the sites, Meta titles, Meta descriptions and Meta keywords rather than the Clickbank marketplace titles and descriptions. So you get many more results. Pretty cool huh?

When visitors enter words in the Search Box, they can search for 'All words', 'Any word' or 'Exact phrase'. Easy as a regular search engine.

Thanks to Darius at our sister site I hate marketing gurus.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dirty tricks to catch your spouse or lover cheating. Find the truth.

Allot of you reading this might understand what I am trying to explain, at least I hope so.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you loved someone and knew they loved you right back, but still had a nagging feeling that hey were cheating? You don’t really have any proof, just a relentless feeling that they were cheating or at the least lying? After a while of that you start to go crazy a little. You search clothes pockets and stalk and all manner of embarrassing things, everyone thinks its about the man/woman, but its really all about that feeling, and it starts to become an obsession. And while you are obsessed with find out for the sake of the feeling you feel, everyone else thinks you are chasing after a lover. You spend more time watching them and calling them and invading their privacy. But its not your fault, You tell yourself, its their fault for lying. And don’t catch them lying or else you are never gonna give up the search and you are officially sprung, hung up, obsessed, a stalker, basically a weirdo and crazy person.

Why go through all that in this modern age? Nowadays you can find out anything about anybody instantly. Don’t let your relationship make you make yourself look like a fool. Do something about it. Below are a few dirty tricks that can help you find out about your significant (hmph) other.

1. Background checks: Background checks are the easiest way to find out about somebody.

You get what you pay for so…..

2. Make use of modern technology: If they have a cell phone, go into the settings or options part and change their auto-answer settings to on. Using that feature it tells the phone to automatically answer after a certain number of rings. Why is this a good way to see if he/she cheating you ask? Because, imagine its 11:30pm and your “other” tells you he has to make a run, and you assume he is going to go to anothers arms. Well with the auto answer on, you can give him/her enough time to get where they are going and then call. If the ringer is off the phone will still answer the call, leaving the mic and hearing on. If it’s on, he/she will look at the number and let it ring, tossing it aside but the phone will still answer and let you hear. If you cant catch a person that way, you don’t need too, its that easy.

3. This should make you feel like a loser but check the condition of the sink and washcloth to see if they are in the same condition (wet or dry) when they return.

4. Check with the people at catch a cheat, they really have allot of the signs cataloged.

I am only telling you these steps to keep you from clowning yourself or making a fool out of yourself in those times where you just have to know or go crazy.

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Bad ways to get caught cheating.

Friday, October 19, 2007

The latest "must have" power toy", as seen on CNN. Best gift ever!

I got a membership to "at home detective" for my 50th birthday by my youngest daughter emily who also gave me a round trip ticket to vegas, shes a flight attendant and gets travel tickets really cheap. And with a trip to vegas in the package i really forgot about the background check gift.

I returned home from vegas and i just happened to look at the Card my daughter gave me and the Password and username fell out on the table. I went to the computer and tried it right then and there. There hasn't been a day since then that i haven't used it. It was easy to log into and it was easy to understand and use. The results blew me away. Thats first day and night i must have searched everyone i know, knew or have ever met. I found out all sorts of things i would have never known. About people i would have never guessed.

I found out that sisters fiancee has a warrant in texas where he is originally from. I also found out that my nieghbor or my very block is a registered sex offender. That was an eye-opener.

I think this is the best gift i have ever received. I can check anyone, anytime. Friends, relatives, business associates. Now you really do have to get up early in the morning to fool me. I even ran ever business contact and found a few useful tidbits. I love you online background check website. It even works from my laptop and phone browser. I feel like James Bond.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Investigate or find anyone instantly online. Learn how.

Consider the following scenario. At 9 o'clock one Monday morning, the owner of a local business makes a frantic call to your agency's fraud unit. She reports that she arrived at work early that morning and was surprised to find the office manager, a 5-year employee, already busy at the computer. He appeared extremely nervous, and as the owner approached the computer, she discovered that he had gained unauthorized access to the company's payroll files.

When asked why, the office manager nervously responded that he thought the system had miscalculated the withholdings on his last paycheck, and he was only "checking it out." Suspicious of this response, the owner checked the computer's access log for the payroll system, something she had not done for some time.

Her inquiry revealed that the office manager had accessed the system before and after each payday for the past year. Investigating further, the owner made a startling discovery. The company that prepares her firm's checks had been issuing 60 paychecks every pay period, even though she employs only 55 people.

Confronted with the discrepancy, the office manager admitted to "borrowing" some funds. Heavy drinking had dulled his memory of exactly how much money he had "borrowed." He refused to answer any more questions and tendered his letter of resignation.

When the police responded, the owner promised to cooperate with the investigation. Yet, she also informed the officers that she could not afford to have her business disrupted in any way.

This unfortunate business owner had fallen victim to a computer manipulation crime, an offense that involves changing data or creating records in a computer system to commit another crime,(1) in this scenario, embezzlement. Although the law enforcement community has recognized the seriousness of these crimes for more than a decade,(2) investigations typically have been complicated, time-consuming, and disruptive to the victim's business operations. However, using a technique known as downloading, law enforcement agencies now can use their computer software as an investigative tool to solve computer manipulation crimes quickly and easily.


Downloading is the process of transferring a computer program, file, or other electronic information from a remote database or other computer to a user's own computer.(3) When investigating computer manipulation crimes, law enforcement officers can download the victim's computerized financial records to a disk, return to their office, and use their agency's software to reorganize the data into a format that enables them to detect falsifications.

Specifically, downloading enables investigators to sort, select, and organize entries in whatever manner the investigation demands. This method makes analyzing the data much easier than manually examining journals, ledgers, or check registers in whatever manner the entries might be organized, such as by date or check number.

Investigators can examine only those entries that may be evidence of a crime - such as checks with false payees, fictitious voided checks, or checks for large dollar amounts - without searching every computer entry and every canceled check by hand. By reducing the number of computer entries investigators need to compare to hard-copy evidence (for example, canceled checks, vouchers, or invoices), downloading permits easy detection of any discrepancy and/or falsification the embezzler used to conceal the crime.

In short, downloading allows law enforcement agencies to use commercially available software to analyze volumes of data without seizing computer equipment, disrupting the victim's business, and manually searching every piece of evidence. Downloading possesses clear advantages over the methods traditionally used to investigate computer manipulation crimes.


Some investigators note that investigations into computer manipulation crimes comprise 90-percent detective work and 10-percent computer work.(4) This division between detective and computer work also is reflected in the two types of software law enforcement officers traditionally have used to solve these crimes - investigative and application software.

Investigative Software

Investigative software allows users to search computer systems, particularly the computer's hard drive, for hidden files or data, that subjects sometimes conceal in a deliberate attempt to thwart law enforcement. For instance, drug traffickers might hide information about their foreign bank accounts on a hard drive.

Investigative software packages typically prove most useful in cases involving uncooperative subjects whose business is crime. In such cases, investigators must serve a search warrant and seize all of the components of the computer system,(5) a cumbersome, time-consuming, and disruptive process.

In computer manipulation cases, however, subjects most often commit their crimes against their employer, who operates a legitimate business. Furthermore, these subjects usually have limited computer expertise; rather, they have a general understanding of how the victim's computer system works and where its weaknesses lie. This limited knowledge allows them to manipulate the system, but not to hide files. For this reason, traditional investigative software is inappropriate in these types of crimes.(6)

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Get Your Own police file. Background check testimonials and uses.

You will find THOUSANDS of BUSINESS and PERSONAL USES for this incredible set of INVESTIGATION tools. Net Detective allows you to uncover anything you want to know about your doctor, boss, friends, neighbo rs, lover and even yourself.

You can do searches on anyone in total privacy! It's 100% legal and no one will know what you are doing. Even works from mobile phone browsers-- We are the best. It is simple and easy to use even for a beginner. Track down or look up the facts on anyone. Net Detective is used worldwide by private investigators and detectives , as well as every day people who use it to find lost relatives, old high school and army buddies, deadbeat parents, lost loves, people that owe them money and just plain old snooping around. We are the best way or place online to do a background check..

Testimonials from satisfied users.

"Thanks Net Detective. You saved my life. If I hadn't found out about my girlfriend's credit problems, I might have made the biggest mistake of my life."

David Longo
Stockton, California

"I wanted to track down my ex-husband because he hadn't paid child support in 6 years. After using Net Detective, I found him hiding in Texas. Plus, I was able to find the cont act I needed to fill out the paperwork, hire an attorney and collect back payments."

Karen Green
El Paso, Texas

"As a private investigator with over 22 years experience, I was very surprised to discover what a great asset Net Detective is for our business. We can now locate hard to find information in minutes that used to take hours or even days."

- Robert J. Carlson,
St. Paul, MN

"This is great. Just 30 minutes after downloading Net Detective I had located my long-lost college roommate and had her on the phone. We talked for two hours. (We hadn't talked in 27 years.) I have been telling all my friends and they are amazed."

-Marsha Seiler,
Dallas, TX

"I have been telling my friends about Net Detective. I have also been snooping on my friends, and they don't even know it. I found out how much alimony and child support my next door neighbor gets, and that my neighbor across th e street has some big credit problems. The best online!!!"

-Marianne Clewiston,
Elmira, NY

"I was playing around on my friends computer and he showed me this program and OMG was i hooked. I look up anybody i can think of just for the fun of it. I even found out that my brothers fiance is married already in New Mexico. Thats cooled my buzz fast. I love the program but be careful what you look for.!!!"

-Big shadow,
Milwaukee, WI

"We are using Net Detective to really check out all of our new employees before we hire them. Using Net Detective I have made some rather startling discoveries. One applicant was wanted by the FBI for embezzlement and he was applying for a job in our accounting department."

- George L. Whitaker,
Sacramento, CA

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