Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to find people online without wasting time, effort and money.

Recently my sister-in-law got was wondering about what had happened to her first husband after they broke up. Their relationship had ended badly and they hadn't talked or seen each other for thirty years. She tried looking for her ex's name on Google and Yahoo but didn't have much luck, search engines aren't very proficient at people search or trying to find people. Knowing I do research online in my work as a professional writer, she asked if I could use a few of my professional resources to help her find him..

I write for a living, so I use a number of high-priced databases for in-depth research frequently when at work. But I suggested she try a simpler alternative - a solution I use myself when I want to find someone quickly and easily "off the clock". I suggested she try one of the people search database services. Even the better ones cost very little, they're practically free. Most offer a trial period. I gave her the name of one to try.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Before you waste money on a Private Detective, read this.

Before you waste money on a Private Detective, read this First!

Sooner or later we all are going to need people search or background check information. Maybe you lost track of an old buddy or lover and the only thing you have to go on is an old phone number from a while ago. Or you might be curious about odd telephone numbers appearing on your family cell phone or home telephone bill. Or maybe you’re just tired of the prank calls that seem to come only late at night.

To get answers, you may be thinking of hiring a private investigator, but you don’t have to. There is a more affordable solution to your problem, you can do your own phone number trace or background check for the price of the initial lunch or visit with the potential private investigator.

Why Turn To A Private Investigator?

Private investigators use to be the only option you had when you needed hard-to-find information on a person, telephone number or license plate number. Regular average folks had no way of accessing the databases that we can so easily access today froma background and public records website. Most of us had no idea what a reverse lookup was or why it would ever be useful. Today, things have changed and private investigators are going the way of the dinosaur.

The bad things about hiring a private investigator is that you are essentially going to be paying this person 10 times what is necessary. And, you’re going to be paying because they know WHERE to get the information you need. Then, you’ll end up paying a fee to cover ACCESS of the databases. Third, you’ll pay for the TIME they spent working on your case. SO you might as well pay for you own access to the database in the first place and then quit paying.

This will spare you from paying the private investigator hundreds – maybe even thousands - of dollars for doing what you could do for a fraction of the cost without even paying for gas, because you don't even have to leave your house.

Save Your Money with a phone number trace or background check website membership.

The same databases private investigators use to get information are available for you to use. There’s nothing secret or special about them; they’re right there on the Internet at That means now you have the same knowledge as private investigations about how to find people through phone numbers.

Sure, you’ll have to spend a couple of minutes (5) registering, entering the phone number, and waiting for the results, but you won't be getting a bill either. Even if you did spend a few minute, the time you’ll spend completing one of these searches is nothing compared to all of the time you’d spend filling in your private investigator about the case details, paying for gas, traveling to the arranged meetings with the private investigator.

The one thing you will still need to do is pay the fee required for accessing The massive public records database of information. And since you were going to be paying a much larger fee anyway to the private investigator, you’ll still come out ahead - because instead of paying three times for the service, you’re only paying once.

In addition, because we give you access to advanced search tools like expanded people search databases, you’ll have more direct access to the information and tools you need. By cutting out the middleman, you’ll get your results faster and cheaper.

Before you consider hiring a PI, visit – you’ll be glad you did!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

How to Find people from their license plate number.

How to perform reverse license plate searches online

Reverse License Plate Information
You can find huge amounts of license plate records and information online. With just a computer and an Internet connection, you can do a reverse license plate search and find information about the owner and details about the automobile they drive. Your state probably has its own web site for looking up your license plate information. Check with your local DMV to find the URL for your local system or use an online service like Net Detective to help you find your local DMV web site.

Find people from their license plate number

Find out who owns a particular car in your state or area by doing a reverse license plate search lookup. Just punch in their license plate number and use one of the many tag number lookup services. Most of these license plate tracking services cost around $30 for an unlimited 2 or 3 year membership, but it's worth every penny for all the time you will save.

And the best part is most of the places allow you to do background checks, criminal background checks and many more services geared towards finding personal information within the public records of hundreds of millions or people in America.

For more information, please visit the Net Detective web site.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Maid steals 40k ring sells it for $140. Gets ticket.

People ask why i promote criminal background checks, this news story is exactly why.

This is the kind of story that always makes me shake my head at the state of affairs in the world today. People have been stealing for as long as there have been people but some stories just stand out.

"A 19-year-old cleaning woman has been charged with stealing a $42,000 diamond ring from a client's home in the village of Oconomowoc Lake and selling it to a Brookfield jewelry store for $140.

Jennifer R. Douglas, of Hartland, was issued a municipal citation for theft, Oconomowoc Lake Police Chief Don Wiemer said. Douglas, a former employee of home-cleaning service Merry Maids, is scheduled to appear in Lake Country Municipal Court in Oconomowoc.

The theft was reported Aug. 12, Wiemer said. The ring, a family heirloom, has diamonds in a platinum setting.

In Oconomowoc Lake, Douglas told police under questioning that the ring was sold to the Brookfield jewelry store. Police recovered the ring the day before the store was going sell it or have it refashioned elsewhere, Wiemer said.

Dave Leppin, owner of the Oconomowoc-area branch of Merry Maids, said his business fully cooperated with the police investigation.

"We encourage our customers to call police if they suspect anything was taken or is missing," Leppin said."

A very similar event is what got me into background checks in the first place. You probably wonder how can a maid steal a 40 thousand dollar and only get a ticket? The answer is simple, the same as it was in my situation, proof. There is virtually no way to prove that the maid is the one who lifted the valuable merchandise. The best you can hope for is recovering the stolen item or items. The police are very straight forward in telling you this fact after the fact but very few people know before hand. It just goes to show that knowing and proving are totally different things under the law.

Since then i perform background checks on just about anyone allowed into my home or business to catch dishonest people before they follow their character. I feel the small cost is more than worth it. What about you?

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