Thursday, December 6, 2007

Google Earth and Public Records: Learn anything, find anybody, instantly.

In today’s world it is possible for average civilians to find out just about anything about anyone from the comfort of their own home using Google Earth and Public records.

Finding a person or a long lost loved one has become much more possible that ever before with the gathering and offering of public records to the public at large. You can join a background check website and find out addresses by typing in telephone numbers or license plates numbers the same way that law enforcement and movie spies have been doing for decades, the information available is mind boggling. And after finding that address through public records you can now plug that address into Google earth and actually see the address in question. Welcome to the modern world of civilian espionage.

In the last 10 years the internet has opened up so many lines of research unheard of for civilians just a few years ago that right now it is possible to locate virtually anyone. Paid background check services do not offer any information that is not obtainable through the use of free search tools and websites, what they do offer is consolidation of these sources into one convenient location or tool. Where before it took 30 hours of intense searching and sorting, assuming you knew what and where to look, now you can search all the relevant sources with just one click. This is an awesome advancement in technologies.

Google earth if you have never heard of it, though I can’t see how that is possible unless you never watch the news weather report or go online, is responsible for letting you see your house or any house from space. It is also the main ingredient in the google maps phenomenon. The technology is amazing and free, and works great in tandem with online background check services. But of course as with anything on the web or in the real world, you must be careful to find a reliable website to sign up for. I have been doing the public records thing for over 5 years and as I tell my visitors, always check the testimonials. And as for Google earth, which I think is the biggest breakthrough in software in the last few years, you can get it free in the Google pack in this blogs sidebar for free. And if you are interested in the learning more about background check services just click the link below to learn more or learn how to obtain admittance.

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