Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can An online background check prevent crimes?

Can An online background check prevent crimes? Or is it just to locate people?

I think this is another email question i get at least 20 times a week.

I have thought and answered this question many times in the past in email responses but i figured i would tackle it in a post to maybe help a few people before they email me.

If online background checks were only to find people why do employers insist on them? landlords? These people are not trying to find people, they know where the people are already. They are looking for indications of criminal potential. They want to see the past to weigh the future of having a relationship with you or whatever person they are investigating. That's the main reason most background checks are done. They also find addresses and numbers along with being used to find people..

So...Yes an online background check can prevent crime if you use it to check up on associates and friends. You may find a felon or a sex offender in your list of friends and acquaintances. wouldn't that be nice to know before you completely trudt them?

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