Monday, December 20, 2010

The best last minute christmas gift no one thinks of.

Christmas time is upon us again (5 days left) and I just wanted to remind of how great a present the ability to find out background information on anyone you want to at anytime from your computer or smart phone.

For less than $10 a year you can give you family, friends and loved ones access to all public records in the united states in less that 4 minutes. They will love you for it. And the best part is that when you give the gift of background check access you can use it also without anyone being the wiser. So while you jot down the log in information in a card to hand to your family, friends and loved ones you can log in yourself anytime and do your own background check. 2 for 1 (so to speak).

Just click the link below and that is about all. $29 for a 3 year unlimited membership.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kids are never without their cellphones - Their mistake, gotcha!

If your kids are like my kids then they are never without their cellphones, gotcha!

I have been hearing and writing about a wonderful product that allows jilted lovers and suspecting spouses to track messages, numbers called and even the actual cellphone through use of the built in GPS sofware installed in most modern cellphones and all"smart phones" that are sold on the market. I loved this technology and have tested more than my share of these software titles.

I just recently figured out that I was looking at the software all wrong.

I don't feel like my wife is cheating on me ans have no desire to spy on her, but my kids, now that's a whole 'nother ball of string. I would love to spy on them, not to invade but to safeguard.

Was that game she went to last weekend actually a party?

Are any of them sending or receiving nude pictures like the news says 60% of todays kids are?

I wanted to know. This is why I used the cheater catcher spy software on their phones, each and every one of them, because like I said, they are never without their cellphones.

So even though I have offered this software before on my blog I want to re-offer it for a totally different reason... To spy on your kids. You can actually try out a demo account at the site and see for yourself what you are getting.

Take a look at this new technology here.

Visit information page.

How well do you know your kids friends parents?

How well do you know your kids friends parents? Want to know more?

Kids usually like to hang in groups, no matter how old they are. As they get through elementary school, and then through middle school and high school, the group mentality sticks with them. They usually have a favorite hangout, where they spend most of their off school time. Many times it is the home of one of the friends in the group – someone who either has lenient parents or a full fridge.

It is common to get to know each individual in your child’s social circle. As parents, we want to know how they behave, if they have manners - and make a determination as to whether the child will be a good influence or a bad influence on our own child. We may be very familiar with half a dozen children, know their likes and dislikes, and be well-versed in the trials and tribulations of their young lives.

The children are safe influences, but what about their parents?

How much time is spent getting to know the parents of each of these children, though? There may be parents here and there who naturally hit it off and forge a bond of their own. These lucky parents have the opportunity to share their child’s companionship and an adult friendship all at the same time. However, more often than not, our own lives are too busy to pay much attention to other adults.

Do you know what each of your child’s friend’s parents does for a living? How many are working moms, and how many stay home? What social circles do they belong to? What do they do in their free time? Is there one mom in the group baking cookies for the kids, while another is lost in a cloud of smoke and a bottle of tequila? Would the other parents share liquor and cigarettes with your child, or would they discourage trying such things altogether? Are the parents married? How does the father behave towards the children?

Keep your children safe by arming yourself with knowledge

Looking into the backgrounds of your children’s friend’s parents can be quite eye-opening. You may find just from searching through basic records who is behind on child support payments, who was busted for possessing drugs or contributing to the delinquency of a minor, or whose home is being foreclosed. Search the neighborhood for any sexual predators residing in the area. You may rethink your child’s walk home from school.

Having this basic information helps you make educated decisions about where to allow your child to spend his or her spare time. It will help you determine whether you are comfortable with everyone hanging out at Chuck’s house, or if you would prefer they not spend time at John’s house unless his mother is home.

If you find that one of the PTA moms has multiple drunk driving arrests, you may not want her to drive on the next field trip.

Simple background checks can reveal important details about people’s lives, and these minor details could translate into a major impact on your child’s life. For a simple, yet thorough, way to check your child’s schoolmates, try a specialized investigation service such as Net Detective. It is an inexpensive online database that makes it easy for you to perform a background check on anyone – and keeps your children safe.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

How do you catch a cheating husband or wife?

No one wants their marriage to fail. If they didn't want it to go on forever more, they wouldn't have taken the vows in the first place, right? Well, many sometimes things happen that we just can't control and sometimes, affairs happen also. We all know this, so when we see suspicious actions from our wife or husbands, it can really make us wonder what in the world is going on, what are they hiding? Don't let love blind you, though many do. Maybe your wife or husband has stayed out later than usual a few times as of late, or they have dipped out of the room after a call came through on their cell, or maybe you found a number that had no name attached to it. Maybe they just seem like they have a secret. Here are a few tips on what you can do next.

If you have a number or have checked your wife or husbands's cell phone and found unknown numbers with no name attached and you ask about them only to get lame excuses, well now you can find out exactly who they are. There are many websites where you can enter a number, even a cell phone number and get loads of information back. So, get the number and visit a helpful and free site like You will be able to enter that "secret" phone number into the text box and submit it. Once you have done that, you will receive access to their full name, home address, marriage information such as a certificate, arrest information, court records and much more. No need to doubt yourself or for anyone to know you are spying, most times a wife or husbands bring this on themselves so why feel guilty. If they had just answered the questions truthfully none of this would have came to pass.

This is a great way to save yourself stress because you are able to find out who the number belongs to without confronting your spouse and allowing him or her to know that you have been suspicious. If they have done nothing wrong, but find out you've been spying through their cell phone, it could be you who is in trouble! You can keep that trust and your wife or husbands will never, ever know unless you find out that something foul is going on in your wife or husband's secret life. Another good thing to this is that it could be something completely innocent and then you won't have to feel bad or apologize when it was their fault to begin with by not answering your questions honestly. You don't want your spouse to know that you've been suspecting him or her of cheating and they've been calling a work buddy or even worse – they have been planning and scheming up a surprise for you. In today's world you have to watch your back, front and both sides.

However, should you find out that your spouse has been calling someone that they shouldn't; you will have the proof so they will find it very hard to try and deny and you can handle the situation far earlier and with less drama and misunderstanding.. You can pursue that any way you choose, whether you want to call this number and let them know just how you feel, or if you want to wait and ask your spouse what has been going on behind your back. Finding out that your spouse has been calling a strange number, staying out very late or working late in combination with other signs can be terrible. You will feel betrayed, angry, sad and much more. With the websites like this that allow you to find out the truth, you don't just have to wonder who the number belongs to. You can find out once and for all.

Check out the information page.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The best and least expensive Digital Christmas gift.

The best and least expensive Digital Christmas gift.

These Christmas gifts will make the recipient happy and last all year. Email delivered.

How many years at Christmas time do you remember a person or people you have completely forgotten about getting a gift for? With me it happens at least a score of times each and every year around Christmas gift giving day. Has this ever happened to you? You know it's too late to find an open store and none will be open christmas day so you try and ditch the person until the day after Christmas. Maybe you dont go to such extremes but you sure wish you did at the time.

Well this year i have the answer for the few people i know i will forget to shop for. This year they will get great and meaningful gifts from me in the personal messages on their cellphones or emails on their computer, and you know what? They will love them and spend christmas using my gift for a few hours or at least thinking about it. All the gifts i am about to suggest are excellent gifts that you will more than likely use before handing them over to the real recipients. Gifts so useful and tailor made that they will have no idea that they were last minute.

If you have ever found yourself in one of these situations, and had an overwhelming urge to find out the truth, you may make a terrific online investigator.

Discover the truth through legal investigations online

Imagine being able to search local police records for your neighbor’s address, only to find he has been arrested four times for narcotics violations. Or, you can search the motor vehicles database and local police reports to locate the name and address of your friend’s hit-and-run driver. You can also find out where your friend’s husband has been going after work, and now you must decide whether or not to tell her the truth.

Having the ability to investigate these relatively simple situations online is easy. Many reputable databases can provide you with unlimited access to millions of public records from all across the country. You have nationwide access to documents that might otherwise never be seen.

Search court documents to find out if your next door neighbor is really a deadbeat parent, or perhaps a convicted child molester. Or search pending foreclosures to get that once-in-a-lifetime deal on a bigger home.

All of this can be done by searching public records…legally.

Conveniently protect your family and friends with the power of knowledge

You could go to the courthouse or to the recorder’s office, and search all of these records by hand. Or you could use an affordable online service, such as Net Detective, that will immediately transform you from a neighborhood busy body to seasoned investigator. You can have the inside scoop, allowing you to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.

You can have “insider” information on your neighbor’s private lives, or you can check out a new neighbor to make sure they are not a threat to your children. You can find out about your friends’ and lovers’ past histories, and learn how to prevent others from finding out your secrets. Run your own credit check to protect yourself against theft or fraud, especially in this day and age of forgery and identity theft.

Whatever your motivations are, you can become your neighborhood’s online sleuth. Within a matter of minutes, you can discover the truth behind your investigations – protecting you and your loved ones with insider knowledge.

Ready to Find the truth??

Try the best people search website out there?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Private Detectives go the way of the VCR. Do it yourself Investigations.

Thinking Of Hiring A Private Investigator? Read This First!

From time to time we all are going to need people search information. Maybe you’ve lost track of an old friend and the only thing you have to go on is an outdated phone number from a few years ago. Or you might be curious about strange numbers appearing your family cell phone bill. Or maybe you’re just tired of the prank calls late at night.

To get answers, you may be tempted to hire a private investigator, but you don’t have to. There is a more affordable solution to your problem – Do it yourself Investigations. Why not take advantage of your home computer and internet access?

Why Turn To A PI and pay hundreds of dollars a day to track down an individual from your past when you have all the technologies you need at your finger tips right this very minute? I don't know how well off financially you are but for me no money paid beats hundred paid every single time.

Private investigators were once the only option you had when you needed hard-to-find information and it was also required of you to pay good money to get your hair permed, times have changed. Ordinary folks had no way of accessing the databases that we can so easily access today. Most of us had no idea what a reverse phone lookup was or why it would ever be useful. Today, things have changed and private investigators are going the way of the dinosaur. You can find out anything about anyone now from the comfort and security of your own home. And the best part is no one will ever be aware of the imformation you will obtain about them

One of the bad things about hiring a private investigator is that you are essentially going to be paying this person three times what is necessary. First, you’re going to be paying because they know WHERE to get the information you need. Second, you’ll end up paying a fee to cover ACCESS of the databases. Third, you’ll pay for the TIME they spent working on your case.

In the end, you’ll be paying this private investigator hundreds – maybe even thousands - of dollars for doing what you could do for a free or nearly free.

Save Your Money and do your own investigations.

The same databases private investigators use to get information are available for you to use. There’s nothing secret or special about them; they’re right there on the Internet at a moments notice and take less time than it takes to search a name in the phone book. That means now you have the same knowledge as private investigations about how to find people through phone numbers, addresses and social security numbers. All you really need is a computer, internet access and any information you have on the person you wish information about.

Sure, you’ll have to spend a few minutes registering somewhere, entering the name, address or phone number, and waiting for the results (seconds), but you probably won’t be sending yourself a bill. Even if you did, the time you’ll spend completing one of these searches is nothing compared to all of the time you’d spend filling in your private investigator about the case details.

The one thing you will still need to do is pay the fee required for accessing Reverse Phone Detective’s massive database of information. And since you were going to be paying a much larger fee anyway to the private investigator, you’ll still come out ahead - because instead of paying three times for the service, you’re only paying once.

In addition, because we give you access to advanced search tools like expanded people search databases, you’ll have more direct access to the information and tools you need. By cutting out the middleman, you’ll get your results faster and cheaper.

Here is the link to the service I personally use -Click here for Information- but any of the services advertised on this page should do the job for 99% of those interested.

Friday, November 5, 2010

What can people find out about you online?

In just about every state across America it is legal to do your own background investigations into anyone else. You don't need a special license or permission from any government agency. You can't represent yourself as a Official Private Investigator though, that is very illegal and punishable as a felony under the law. The simple truth is you do not need to impersonate anyone, all you need is a computer, 10 minutes and internet access and you can find out more about your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers than Jim Rockford (Rockford Files) could have in a week.

Most people's information is readily available to anyone through "public records and background check investigation" outlets in every state and most are also online. Just about any information you may need about any person or property is available through your county hall of records or city hall or courthouse, that is if you know how and where to find them. That route is time consuming as heck but the information is there if you take the time to investigate and find it. I would suggest cutting 98% of the time off your search by using a public records or background check service.

Find out about anyone in minutes.

Monday, November 1, 2010

How to do a background check online.

Doing an online background check, or public records search as it is actually called, is far easier than it would seem. Over the last 10 years the public records arena has opened to everyone because of how the internet has expanded. The price has shrank by over 10000% over this time, from hundreds per search to somewhere around $5-$10 per year for unlimited access to the databases that charged so much a few years ago. You can thank Google and the internet for the price drop, information, public information is just not very difficult to obtain anymore. That is very good for the average user but private investigators are becoming nearly a thing of the past. Another plus for the average user is the type of information available online. You can even spy on cellphones text and voice calls using the internet and track the phone using gps for around $50 if you know where to go Spy Phone Website

For a few dollars you can gain access to personal information in the public domain for just about anyone in America who has ever bought anything. Income, residence prices, phone numbers, age, children, addresses are all easily obtained along with the regulars of criminal record and financial information. It is truly a new era for the average person.

So to sum this up and answer the primary question of how to do a background check online...

A: Just do it. All you need is a name to start, you can even start with a phone number, SS number, address or any information you have on the individual you want to do a background check on. Of course the more information you have on the individual the more in depth the results will be but usually the information grows as you gather more information using the online background check and public records databases. Welcome to the future.

Best and lowest priced background check, public records website.

Find Exclusive, Hard-to-find Information On Anyone - Instantly

Is your spouse cheating on you? How well do you know your child care provider or babysitter? Does your home contractor have a criminal record you should know about? Gov-resources can help in ways no other online public records resource can. Now, you can stay in complete control of your business and personal relationships.

Discover the service everyone's been talking about. Net Detective is a completely new way to find both widely available and exclusive information on anyone! Plus, it's safe, fast, affordable and confidential.

Gov-resources is different than any other online background resource you've ever used because we derive our information from a proprietary, in-house database. This means you not only find the information available in other popular public record searches, but you also find exclusive information. It would take days, if not months, of dedicated research to gather the wealth of information available on Net Detective in mere seconds.

Plus, Gov-Resources is so affordable! Compare our low, one-time fee (which includes unlimited search capability) to other resources that are much more expensive. Consider the time it would take you to conduct this research yourself, if you could even find it. At Net Detective, you pay just $0.08 per day. Our proprietary database is a product of more than seven years of dedicated research and industry expertise. Net Detective includes information frequently overlooked by even the stealthiest detective.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spy on any Cellphone. Amazing undetectable phone app.

Spy Bubble ( is a new spy phone software app that allows you to spy on a cell phone with spybubble on it. Current cell phones that support SpyBubble are numerous and growing literally daily. chances are great that the cell phone you want to be monitored will be able to use this cellphone spy app.

Here is a list of features currently offered by SpyBubble. With these features you will be able to very easily spy on any cellphone. The app is so easy to work, all you need is the number pprinted in the batter compartment of all cellphones, takes minutes to catch a cheating lover or spouse.

With Spy Bubble cellphone Spy you can...

* Stealth GPS Tracking – This SpyBubble feature enables you to track a cell phone and keep an eye wherever they go.

* Read Text Messages – Using this SpyBubble feature, you’ll get to read full contents of incoming and outgoing text messages.

* View Complete Call Logs – You’ll be able to view call logs such as incoming & outgoing call data, time of call, & length of call.

* View Phone Book – This feature of SpyBubble gives you access to the phone’s phonebook, so you can peek inside their contact list and find out the names and numbers of each person saved in their phonebook.

* 60 Day Return Policy – Out of all the features, this is the only one that really separates Spy Bubble from the others. Offering a 60 day money back guarantee shows they believe in their product.

* Install On Multiple Phones – Another interesting feature. Most companies only allow you to install the spy app on one phone, but Spy Bubble has no such restrictions.

In summary, this is a great step forward in catching a lover or spouse cheating, you know where, when, with who and anything else you need to know. You can even use the GPS to follow them. The best part (the whole idea is awesome) is that it costs just $59 for a while until the company gets better known. This works and you will be amazed.

Check Out the website for more Information or to order.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to trace a Cell Phone Number - The basics.

Tracing a Cell Phone Number: The Basics

Tracing a mobile phone number... while it may sound like a difficult and time consuming process, the truth is that it’s actually quite easy to find out information about the owner of a specific phone number- even an unlisted one. It wasn’t very long ago that the tools needed to track down the owner of a cell phone were only available to law enforcement officials and private investigators. But today, with the help of reverse look-up services like, anyone can be a PI.

So why would you need to look up the owner of a phone number anyway? At first, it may seem like a service that you’ll never use. But consider the following scenarios:

You rush in the door, arms full of groceries, as you hear the last ring of the phone. Wondering if it could be the potential business client you’ve been waiting on, you rush over to your desk, only to realize that you forgot to clear out your voicemail earlier, and there was no room for anyone to leave a message. Frustrated, you glance down at the number on the caller ID screen…

Your daughter comes home from school angry and upset. She tearfully tells you that she’s been receiving harassing phone calls from boys at school, but she’s not sure who’s behind it. You comfort her, and then immediately call your cellular provider to have her number changed. Afterwards, you decide its time to have a talk with the boys’ parents. Now if you only had their address…

You’ve just started dating someone new, and everything is going wonderfully. The only problem? You don’t know much about them. You’ve never been to their house, and you only call each other via cell phone. Then, a friend lets you know that they work with your new sweetie, and that they were under the impression that he was married…

Suddenly, a service that lets you find someone’s name, address, and other information using only a cell phone number seems a lot more useful, doesn’t it?

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Find out the truth about anyone in Minutes from anywhere.

Snoop, spy and find out secrets without anyone knowing.


After moving into a new town or neighborhood, you may have the tendency to feel incomplete. If you do not know anyone in town, you end up being complete stranger, left feeling like an intimidated new kid on the first day of high school. As time progresses, residents of the neighborhood begin to open up to you, making you feel a bit more welcome. Eventually, associates at the job are more receptive. You establish a group of your own that gathers faithfully in the break room. Some of them you have even grown close to; close enough to label friends.

After a while, things begin to change. One of your friends in the circle becomes a cause for concern. Perhaps his behavior has grown erratic; he has become suddenly depressed and his actions are strange. While some may think you are overreacting, your need for worry is genuine. By way of national and local news, we are witnessing more senseless violence on the job. More innocent victims lives are being claimed by co-workers, people they casually associated with on a daily basis. Once the story hits the press, we typically find that the suspect had a shaky past, one that could have been thoroughly looked into with an employee or criminal background check.

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I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Background Checks - Why You Need To Do One On Yourself

Background Checks - Why You Need To Do One On Yourself

Though most people don't think about it, having a background check done on yourself can be one of the smartest financial, lawful and emotionally constructive things that you can do. If you plan to apply for a job, get car insurance, or you plan to move into a new home, you can count on others running these reports on you to decide upon who you are. Many look over more than just your criminal background. Some will be thoughtful of your ability to pay bills based on the type of person you are as affirmed on your driver's record. No matter if it makes sense to you or not, the object in mind is to present yourself in the best possible way to all of these individuals.

One of the leading things you should go into is what could be on your background checks that you wouldn't want there. Often, mistakes are made when facts are entered into computers by people. Just a flip of your social security number can report bad things that were meant for someone else on your report. Or, another common error is that something that happened to you quite a long time ago is still having an effect on your report although it should have been removed. Sometimes, mistakes just happen and aren't taken care of quickly enough. One mistake like this causes numerous issues for you for ages and ages.

What To Look Out For

There are actually several types of reports that you ought to generate on yourself to unearth what they have to say about you. Here are a few to be aware of.

- A criminal background check helps to clarify if you’ve been arrested, charged or prosecuted for criminal activities. These can affect the type of work you can apply for as well as the loans that you can dig up. State and federal background checks are a must.

- Your driver's license report is another very important report to perform on yourself. You want to know if there are any errors there that could possibly influence your insurance rates or even worse, your ability to go after work that requires driving.

These two reports are the most noteworthy to generate. Another to consider is that of your credit report. It will present you with the reassurance that there isn't anything on these reports that can interfere with your way of living and your future.

Article Source:

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Information on how to find the best background check services and employee screening online.

One of the most common reasons for hiring a Private Detective is to find a missing or lost person but did you know that you can get access to the same databases that law enforcement agencies use to find information about people? By using these new and powerful online tools you could save yourself a lot of money in Private Eye bills.

How do you lose someone in the first place?

It could be that the person you're trying to find doesn't want to be found. They might be running from the law or have been given a new identity through the witness protection program for instance. These kinds of lost persons are the most difficult to find because the trail that you follow will run cold at the point where they changed their identity. That's no reason not to try however because it's actually quite difficult to live the life of a lie day in and day out. People tend to make mistakes and leave clues to their true identity.

Luckily most lost people don't change their identity. They're lost simply because they've moved away and you've lost touch with them. Even parents that have effectively kidnapped their children or are absent simply to avoid child support payment don't often go to the trouble of changing their identity. These people are relatively easy to find because they are still leaving an unbroken trail for you to follow.

Until recently accessing personal information on people has been the exclusive domain of law enforcement agencies and to a lesser extent, private investigators. This information is now being made available to everyone through the power of the Internet. There are enormous amounts of information from public databases being placed online every day and much of it can be accessed by anyone.

The problem that most people face when using the Internet to search for information on people is knowing where to look. Most of the data you need can be accessed for free but it is a very time consuming task just finding it and putting it all together. Fortunately people who have done all the legwork for you and put all the accessible databases at your fingertips have solved this problem. If you're looking for a Private Investigator Consultant then I would strongly suggest that you check out what's now available online. You could save yourself a lot of money.

So in the whole scheme of things the best is usually the paid background search, for time saved and information delivered. There are even really nice places that allow life-time membership with unlimited searches. Here is a list of 3 such places.

Visit information page.
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