Saturday, December 29, 2007

Seven (7) Private Investigator techniques used to obtain free information on anyone.

In every state across the country it is legal to do your own investigations into anyone else. You don’t need any license or permission from any government agency. You can’t represent yourself as a Private Investigator though, that is illegal. Most information is easily and readily available to the public through many “public records outlets in every state. Any information you might need about any person or property is available through your county hall of records or city hall or courthouse, that is if you know how and where to find them. There are also online background check services that combine all the available sources for public information and query them all at once, saving you hours of travel and days of legwork. Most modern Investigators choose this route to save time, energy and money. Here is a list of 7 ways to obtain information on any Pronoun, person, place or thing. A good background check membership website will utilize all of the below listed techniques and more on a national level almost instantly.

Reverse Phone Directories. Phone companies (many of them) will sell you a reverse listing phone book of subscribers listed by phone number first as opposed to the normal name first format. So if you know a telephone number you can find the corresponding address and name. Unlisted numbers do not appear in this book but there are many reverse phone number lookup services online who do the same thing on a national level, saving you time and energy again. Welcome to the future.

The Board of elections. This is a great source of information, a persons name, hair and eye color, place of employment, previous employment and addresses. There is even immigration status information and unpublished phone numbers.

The USPS (post office) Under the freedom of information act you can request information on any box holder in the country, for a small fee. But any citizen can make the information unavailable for the same fee.

Property Records. There is a property office in every county, you can find great financial and property records there as a united states citizen.

The DMV (motor vehicles) you can get the identification of all vehicles owned by and individual or business, their driving records and any suspensions or liens and more.

Tax Assessors or collectors office. Great source of tax information on individuals, goes hand in hand with the next one on the list.

Bureau of vital statistics. This is where you can find birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses.

These are all time tried and proven methods of obtaining information for free, but they have always been time consuming and energy expensive. There is a much easier way to gather information in today’s modern world for the average citizen. These online background check service query the entire countries databases and can find in seconds what use to take weeks of footwork and research.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007


We will now view the situation from a worst case scenario say the plumber gave you the uncomfortable eye during a repair. Perhaps the communication technician’s conduct was not appropriate in your eyes, as he moseyed around your hallways looking for the “bathroom.” Maybe the satellite installer violated company policy by offering you a discounted service that would benefit only them. Many businesses often conduct an employee check, but sometimes they do not. When eerie individuals cross your path, you may choose to take a different plan of action. Being able to find out anything about anyone would certainly ease the worry of allowing strangers into your home.

One may have some legitimate concerns about accessing records and conducting their own background check. Some may think this cannot be done because of all the required forms and possible penalties. Be assured that it is 100% legal to attain background checks and public records information. You have the right to find out about anyone at anytime. Finding the right service to perform this type of search is the real issue.


When performing your search, be aware that no database will allow you to instantly access ALL criminal records. This function is strictly limited to the FBI. These records are mainly off limits, with the exception of federally insured banks, nuclear power plants, and various branches of the government. Many services may claim to have access to these extensive databases, but that is a topic certainly worth arguing.

Many services advertise that they are capable of accessing criminal records anytime from everywhere; some claim anytime, anywhere and anyone. Choosing a company that advertises the capability to find out anything about anyone at anytime is one you would prefer.

Several services freely use the word “nationwide” for promotion. In actuality, with the exception of a few companies, these searches are typically limited in capability and falsely advertising. There are a few companies that have contracts with government departments to provide the background check information to the general public.

You can also conduct your own people search investigation to find out about anyone. Search engines are a powerful tool that scans all web pages for relevant information linked to a person’s name. With a bit of time and diligent research, you can uncover the background information and find out about anyone.

There is simply one thing you cannot get enough of these days: safety. Though it is very common to allow a stranger inside of your home to make a service call, you have the right to remain weary. Never feel guilty about conducting your own private search on anyone. Public records are available for you to access at anytime. Make the most these rights and use them whenever you feel the need to protect yourself.

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Access Online background check information while you still can.


We all seem to be a more cautious these days, and with all of the violent events that have occurred in the past few years, there is a certain need to protect ourselves.

The crucial details you are eager to learn are available, more readily now than ever before.Perhaps you are curious about the neighbor who runs back and forth to his car at all hours of the night, or suspicious of a state representative’s background. Though it is unknown to most people, local, state and federal agencies have been storing increasing amounts of public database records online, a process that began in the mid 90's.

Driving records are accessed more frequently, based upon insurance policies and certain jobs.Criminal background and employee checks have without a doubt been performed on a regular basis since 9/11 and the recent Iraq war. Seemingly harmless individuals in the community make the news for acts of violence we never new existed within them. Government officials we elect are not holding true to their claims, as we learn more unsettling facts about their past.

Finding public records

Public records in each state can easily be accessed from your very own home. A computer and internet connection helps you access these public records in two ways: Jurisdictions may post records on government powered sites, making them available for a reasonable price or sometimes even for free. Many states have websites that provide you with almost instantaneous access of all the public records, court records, driving records, and criminal backgrounds of their residents. The second way to accessing public records is through comprehensive databases, where agencies and court officials also negotiate public records to online information compilers and
brokers. The latter method is generally more in-depth, as well as easier in saving you time and energy.

Access information while you still can

The freedom of public records is created on the general public’s behalf. Criminal records and background checks were made available for citizens and businesses to stay abreast of the reality of other people, ranging from elected politicians down to modest civilians. As these public records splurged onto the internet, the public has even more opportunity to hold others accountable with documented proof.

However, the act of accessing public records via the internet has recently been debated. These records can expose a great deal of personal information about individuals. Here are a few examples of how public access records attained through the courts may not appear partial.

-Family court battles can be accessed through public access. This could expose sensitive information about children. Heated debates amongst spouses are typically fueled by emotion and may or may not be true.

-Crucial information from high profiled criminal cases can be leaked via public records.They contain documented statements from witnesses and victims that could possibly put them in the risk of danger.

Government and court officials are said to be working diligently on solutions to regulate the access of public files. Limiting the content online is where they wish to start, but there are some public records that should be accessible by the general population for security purposes. When it comes to the security of your family, accessing public records online is a great way to empower yourself with knowledge and information.

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Myspace and face book are dangerous places without the right tools

With the unimaginable rise in people using, surfing and though I am loath to say it, preying and lurking on facebook and myspace, you need to protect yourself. There are tools on the Internet for free that can make your social community online experience much safer. By using background check websites and ip address trackers, not to mention proxy applications, you can find out who the stalker perverts are with minimal effort. We have all been witness to the rise in online predators that cover the face of the newspaper and splash across the evening news. This is not our parent’s times, this is a new and infinitely dangerous time we live in. We almost need to replace the “welcome” mats in front of our doors with a plaque the reads “never trust nobody.” It is hard to keep yourself and family safe in this highly technological time we live in.

Back when I started online a background check on the average citizen was nearly impossible for the average person. You almost had to meet in an alleyway with federal agents or unscrupulous individuals and pay them an attaché case full of money, like in a cut-rate thriller in Hollywood. Now what was out of reach for the average citizen is free, easy and accessible to anyone with a computer and a phone line. It took me tracing my daughter’s ex-boyfriends IP address to the same city and area as me, she really thought he was the average emailer from school or something. He may have been innocently playing the “secret admirer” role to win back her love, or he could have been a weirdo who couldn’t let go. It was nice to be made aware though. What if it was a complete stranger? I run background checks on every one of her friends and turn up a lot of useful information. You can never be sure who has a criminal record or for what offense. Call me nosy but I call myself a great parent who recognizes that I am smarter, less impulsive and more experienced than my children.

I am only their friend when I am not busy being their parent.

So guard yourself and your family against online threats by doing these basic things. Take advantage of IP checking websites, they are free and they can help you narrow down your search and provide useful information of who and where your kids are communicating online. They can also help you find a pervert that sends you strange email.

Use background check websites, this is the fastest and easiest way to know who you or your kids are dealing with. There are a few good ones out there and many, many, many…. Bad ones. One I have great confidence in is the ones over at Net-detective because I can lookup anyone at anytime as many times as I want for less than $10 a year. They showed me a bunch of really cool tricks like caller id tricks and email masking techniques. All this is in addition to the regular phone, email, license plate and telephone and social security number lookups. They really are worth the time if you spend allot of time on myspace and/or face book. Why not protect yourself?

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Professional Background And People Search System

Q. People want to know how can net detective find out so much information about over 250,000,000 people in the united states?

A. I can send you to the information link for a much more detailed answer. The below link is to the best background check, public records website on the planet.

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Employee arrest makes CSU make background checks Mandatory.

FORT COLLINS – Colorado State University is instituting a new background check policy a day after an employee was arrested for multiple sexual assaults and burglaries.

Samuel Kase White, 30, was arrested Monday night for sexual assault and burglary in two separate cases. Fort Collins Police say both incidents happened on September 28.

White was an administrative assistant in CSU's human resources department and had some access to personnel information, according to the university. He was hired last April.

The CSU policy change will now require background checks for all new hires and for those being promoted. The old policy only gave background checks to new hires who had access to financial information or dealt with children or dorms. Read More

Unlimited Background checks less than $10 a year.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The best way to control road rage. Keep your drivers license and sanity.

"...So i'm driving on the expressway today on my way home from dropping my wife off. I am merging onto a not so bad traffic situation and here comes this car across three lanes to cut me off. I actually had to go off onto the shoulder of the road to keep from being hit in the side. Of course i nearly lost my mind, i started cussing and -sorry to admit it- chasing the guys in the offending vehicle. I was well into a plan of action of what i would do when i finally caught up with them. What had sparked this abnormal surge of anger was that one of the guys actually gave me the finger when they were abreast of me. I had my doubts about the term temporary insanity up until that point but after i trul believe in it. I think that was a moment where i was no longer completely sane. I just kept think, what if my kids would have been in the car or what if my wife or daughter were driving?

Here i am 43 years old with a wife and 3 kids in college and one in middle school, racing down the highway at speeds up to 80+ MPH neither paying attention to or aware of anyone other than me and that rustybucket full of boozers that i was chasing after, only one thing kept me from making a almost certain life changing decision. My cell phone rang. I answered and it was my wife calling to tell me something she had forgotten to mention before getting out of the car at work. The first thing she said was "whats wrong with your voice?" And "why'd it take so long for you to answer? I called 4 times and only got the voice mail, i was well on my way to getting worried." Well that calmed me right down and i aborted pursuit,isn't that what the police call it? My wife listened to my explanation and explained a bunch of things that i already knew. The thing i remember most is that after i had huffed and puffed in an attempt to defend my loss of control (for lack of a better phrase) My wife said calmly, "why don't you just remember the license plate number and do a background, license plate check on the driver, and when you find him send him a letter or a worst driver ever card? Well she made me feel very silly in under 30 seconds, she also found a great way to let an idiot know that they are an idiot, me and the reckless driver. Thanks for your great product, you may have saved my life, i know you probably saved my license" Bob,C, West allis, Wisconsin

this is my all-time favorite customer email that i have received in the 5 years ihave been doing this and i just want to say to the senders wife, "way to go!" women are so much smarter than us mere men. Admin

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Reverse phone number search can find out whos on your spouses phone.


You and the hubby sit comfortably in front of the fire while watching a romantic movie. His cell phone rings, yet he ignores it as if nothing happened. You inquire about the call, and he blows off the incident as nothing. A few more minutes elapse, and the phone rings again. On this occasion, your husband states that he needs to take the call in private, leaving you alone with an idle mind. He does not return right away and curiosity begins to burn deep inside of you. What is the big secret? Who is he talking to?

Your husband finally returns, hesitant to speak, but eventually fumbles what resembles an excuse. The two of you continue the movie in silence, as your mind continues to wander. After the ending credits, he is quite anxious to leave your presence. Self consciously, you are drawn to the cell phone left he left sitting on the carpet. Eager to learn more about his strange behavior, you pick it up and search through the most recent phone numbers. Impulse forces you to dial the last one. Your heart beats with uncertainty as the phone rings. Someone picks up on
the other end, yet there is mutual silence. Finally they hang up, leaving you with a bothersome dial tone.

Instantly, you assume the worst; your husband is cheating. You dash to the home office with haste. Vigorously you dig through the file cabinet in search of your most recent bill. You examine your cell phone records and find that the mysterious number has repeated activity. Now your mind begins to race, thinking of ways to trace that cell phone number to a specific name, preferably the woman who is claiming your husband’s extra time.

Many women panic in this situation. They instantly think to tail their husband’s every move by hiring a professional private investigator. While that is not a bad idea, there are other methods to employ. Performing a reverse search of your husband’s cell phone calls could acquire the information and identity you seek. This method has proven effective for a curious spouse and is much less expensive than contracting a private investigator.


There are many ways to perform a reverse cell phone search. In the beginning, you may wish to give the number another call back. In this instance, you disguise your voice and attempt to sway the cell phone owner out of their identity. Be polite, tell them you are conducting a survey, or any topic that gets them talking. While this method is a long shot, it can work and get you one step closer to the truth.


The internet has made it possible to find all types of information. Search engines are very powerful and designed to pick up on the content you request. While you w will not be able to pull up a caller’s cell phone records, you may be able learn more about her identity. By simply typing in a cell phone number, you can find the owner’s name, location and much more. Individuals are unknowingly making it easier to perform reverse cell phone searches on a constant basis. People are selling items on Ebay or listing their cell phone number to find a missing pet. These everyday functions allow you to match a phone number to face without the expensive hassle of a private investigator.

Those seriously looking to get the dirt on their spouse have other internet options. There are several affordable sites that are designed to provide you with reverse cell phone search results. Many of them guarantee positive results in the way of reserve cell phone searches. Simply supply the phone number, and their system does the rest. You save time and money, while having the name, address, provider information, and other cell phone records delivered to your email box with reverse cell phone lookup.

After finding the required information, you may wish to pry deeper, learn more about this mysterious person playing the sideline. Online capabilities have made it possible to basically find out about anyone for the right price, including their criminal background, court and public records. We are now equipped with the tools it takes to play P.I. all by ourselves.

A cheating spouse is something you never want to discover, yet you must act if the signs are present. In order to protect your best interest in the end, you must get a head start. A thorough reverse cell phone search and many other avenues could give you the required ammunition it takes to make the most of what could be a bad situation.

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The information on background checks you were trying to find.


Once upon a time, gaining access to state records was challenging. The historically primitive research methods took you through a grueling process through bureaucratic red tape. Requesters were required to contact state officials in advance. From there, a custodian would be appointed to handle the request. While calling ahead was always more time efficient, the overall process was normally a lengthy one.

With paperwork, a registered citizen had to request to simply view records or obtain a copy. When approved, you would receive a huge stack of documents, including all the driving and criminal records you did not need. From there, state custodians would have to help you determine which agency held the piecemeal records.

Thankfully, accessing state records these days is a much easier task. States have made their procedures more streamlined, largely due to the increased demand of background checks; most employers require employee checks in order to carefully screen probable candidates for the job. They search criminal records for prior felonies and patterns of behavioral crimes. Many companies pay a great amount of money to researching agencies that can access criminal records. These researchers also have other methods of finding criminal information, which makes their services very valuable.

Accessing national and state records

Accessible criminal records can divided into four categories. These public records include arrest and court records, correction records, and repository records. Though an arrest record may eventually lead to a felony conviction, it can be accessed through the sentencing. Anything exceeding that may result in penalty of the search.

A very small number of databases hold complete background information on a nationwide scale, and most of them are not publicly accessible. As is stands now, the FBI holds rank as the only entity capable of legally containing these criminal records. The public can access some parts of the FBI database, but mostly the records for the high profiled criminals, including information on convictions and high-risk felons.

However, the public can access state public records, which are a very useful tool for the individual and employer. Although these public records are limited, they can still provide illuminating information for a potential employer. However, the limited scope may be a drawback for a company looking to pry deep within the criminal records of a prospective employee.

The procedures to access state records vary between each state. Some states have an online system that provides you with almost instantaneous access to state records, while others have paperwork that you must complete and mail.

By accessing state records, a person can obtain the following information, depending upon each state government:

• Criminal history records
• Pending court charges
• Pending arrests
• Conviction information
• Sex offender registries
• Inmate searches
• Child abuser registries

Most states have free access to sexual offender databases. It is shocking to learn how many sex offenders live in each city, in every state throughout our country. These sex offenders look like “normal” people, casually strolling through the neighborhood and grocery story. With the increased access children have to the internet, combined with the rise in sex offender rates,accessing state records can help parents protect their children and neighborhood.

Having the ability to access state records is very important in today’s society. Whether it is finding the right candidate for the job or combing your neighborhood for predators, this is a method of safety that should certainly be routinely performed.

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Top Ten reasons to do a online background check?

Online background checks are up over 2000% over the last 2 years because they are user friendly and inexpensive to perform. You can run a background check in less time than it takes to google someone. There are a million reasons why people background check others but here are the top ten that i have run across. These are in no particular order.

1. You need to contact a friend or relative that you have lost contact information for. You have misplaced the address and/or telephone number or only have the address and need a phone number.

2. You suspect your spouse is cheating on you and have a phone number or license plate number and want to know who they belong to. You may even have a email address or name.

3. You are getting married and want to make sure you are not marring into huge credit card debt. A online background check can find that financial information in a flash.

4. Hiring employees, you have to do online checks these days.

5. Room-mates, you need to know if the person you will be staying with is a flake, or even worst maybe the room-mate of your college age child is a flake or criminal.

6. Buying a house or renting, find out if the landlord is honest or has multiple complaints lodged against him/her. Likewise, you can perform checks on your real estate agent when you are buying a house from a Realtor or a private owner.

7. Buying a car from a used car dealer or private owner.

8. 2 words... Online Dating, you just can't be too careful in todays social climate. Find the lunatics and stalkers before you commit to that date.

9. You want to check on your daughters boyfriend or you kids friends or friends parents.

10 Buying insurance. An online background check can instantly tell you if your insurance man is legit or fly by night.

There are countless reasons why online background checks are useful when trying to find out information. No more ferreting out information one page at a time or researching 100 pages over 300 hours, now you can get an easy list on all information from one place. Yes online background checks have opened the world up and made it easier to catch a cheat or scammers.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Google Earth and Public Records: Learn anything, find anybody, instantly.

In today’s world it is possible for average civilians to find out just about anything about anyone from the comfort of their own home using Google Earth and Public records.

Finding a person or a long lost loved one has become much more possible that ever before with the gathering and offering of public records to the public at large. You can join a background check website and find out addresses by typing in telephone numbers or license plates numbers the same way that law enforcement and movie spies have been doing for decades, the information available is mind boggling. And after finding that address through public records you can now plug that address into Google earth and actually see the address in question. Welcome to the modern world of civilian espionage.

In the last 10 years the internet has opened up so many lines of research unheard of for civilians just a few years ago that right now it is possible to locate virtually anyone. Paid background check services do not offer any information that is not obtainable through the use of free search tools and websites, what they do offer is consolidation of these sources into one convenient location or tool. Where before it took 30 hours of intense searching and sorting, assuming you knew what and where to look, now you can search all the relevant sources with just one click. This is an awesome advancement in technologies.

Google earth if you have never heard of it, though I can’t see how that is possible unless you never watch the news weather report or go online, is responsible for letting you see your house or any house from space. It is also the main ingredient in the google maps phenomenon. The technology is amazing and free, and works great in tandem with online background check services. But of course as with anything on the web or in the real world, you must be careful to find a reliable website to sign up for. I have been doing the public records thing for over 5 years and as I tell my visitors, always check the testimonials. And as for Google earth, which I think is the biggest breakthrough in software in the last few years, you can get it free in the Google pack in this blogs sidebar for free. And if you are interested in the learning more about background check services just click the link below to learn more or learn how to obtain admittance.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Background Check, Reverse Phone Number Lookup, Trace email address, Criminal record, People search, cell phone number search, License Plate Search

Did I mention how easy it is to Find criminal convictions information, felonies, misdemeanors, sentences, incarceration records, sex offender records, court dockets, dispositions, military records, pending or dismissed cases, lawsuits, warrants? Do a background check on yourself. Criminal records for any and all the state.

We also make it easy to find Criminal Records, Court Records, Aliases, Education Personality traits, Consumer Preferences, Romantic Preferences Birth Dates, Names of Relatives, Roommates, Neighbors Rumors, Current Address & 30 year history, Police Reports Property Ownership, Employment Status, Tax Liens, Civil Judgments and background checks for online dating services and websites, better safe than sorry.

All from your home in minutes and a 3 year membership is under $30, view the information page.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

Women More Likely to Snoop Than Men, High Tech snooping rises.

In the new film, Little Black Book, Brittany Murphy's character engages in some high-tech snooping on her new boyfriend. Based on this scenario, an online dating service, asked its members: Have you ever snooped on your partner? Women were more likely than men to snoop with 30 percent admitting to doing it "once or twice" compared to 25 percent of men. A bigger gap opened among those who answered "That's not my style". This was the choice of 34 percent of men compared to only 20 percent of women.

The justification for women to snoop however, could stem from the fact that 22 percent of them answered: "I have snooped, and found out information that ended the relationship." Only 14 percent of men chose the same answer. More men, 21 percent, than women, 16 percent, admitted to being tempted to snoop but not going through with it. The remaining 12 percent of women and 7 percent of men answered: "I regularly go undercover. You never know what you might find."

"The results show that when women's intuition meets distrust, relationships can be put into jeopardy", said Brenda Ross, relationship advisor for "We also have to realize that many people snoop when they already suspect their partners are up to no good", she added.

And with the latest wave of user friendly online background check services this snooping has gone High Tech.

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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Nursing home abuse on the rise, background check may save your loved ones.

(CBS) She loved to cook. Thanksgiving was her favorite.

When her mother developed severe dementia, Sandra Banning was forced to take the painful step of putting her in a nursing home.

"It was like taking your best friend and just saying, 'I'm sorry I have to do this,'" says Banning.

She thought her mother, Virginia Thurston, would be safe at Southwood Nursing Center, until the night she was sexually assaulted by another resident: 83-year-old Ivy Edwards, as CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports.

"He had taken his wheelchair and lodged it up underneath the door so no one would interrupt him," says Banning.

She had to take her 77-year-old mother to be tested for sexual assault.

"Tears were rolling out of the corners of her eyes," says Banning.

Read More.

Nursing Home Secrets

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