Monday, March 31, 2008

Find Information about People Fast and Discreetly online. Pt. 2

Find Information about People Fast and Discreetly

Human nature lends itself towards curiosity, and most of us would love to know where our old friends are. With the advent of the internet, you can now enjoy the fun of finding out what your old friends have been doing.

Or imagine standing at a crossroads in your life, as you prepare to exchange lifetime vows with your fiancé. Hopefully you have already learned the secrets your significant other carries. However, what would it be like to get married - only to find out later that your spouse had hidden his devastating financial history? How shocking would it be to learn your spouse has children from a previous marriage that you knew nothing about?

Answer your questions with discrete, legal investigations

No one likes to snoop around in the lives of our loved ones, especially because we run the risk of getting caught.

However, there is a way to find out answers regarding other people’s pasts without risking discovery. For example, Net Detective is an online database that allows you to discreetly search publicly available records – uncovering the secrets of your friends and family.

Friends, families, or enemies – all the information you need is online easily accessed.

Having important financial or legal information in your hands may very well allow you to make a good decision, or prevent you from making a bad decision in both your personal and professional lives. This can extend to family, friends and loved ones.

The importance of this information can be handed down to your children as well, since you will be able to stay better informed about your child’s playmates, their families, and the neighborhood as a whole.

Search your own family history. Learn why your mother no longer talks to her sister, or track down long lost relatives. Find out who has had babies, who has died, who has gotten married or divorced.

Look up an old buddy or girlfriend from high school, even if she has an unlisted phone number. Track down your old buddies from the military. Find that mysterious friend you made, but unfortunately lost track of while on sabbatical in Florida.

All of these searches can be done easily, from the privacy of your own home and without anyone else’s knowledge. The best part is that it is completely honest and legal.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about your family tree, track down your high school girlfriend, or find out if any of your old buddies ever ended up in jail, Net Detective will give you the tools you need to find the answers for yourself. How you choose to proceed from there is entirely up to you. You may find yourself reunited with your college fling, or locate a long lost friend or family member. The possibilities are endless.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Top ten signs of a cheating spouse. Find out fast and discreetly.

Top ten Signs of a Cheating Spouse

The Cheating Spouse: Some of these are "tongue in cheek" while others are tell tale cheating spouse signs that commonly appear when your cheating spouse is having an extramarital affair.

Top 10 Cheating Signs.

1. Infidelity: You find birth-control pills in the cheating spouse's medicine cabinet, and you've had a vasectomy.

2. Mutual friends start acting strangely toward your cheating spouse. (They either know about the cheating spouse (cheating husband) or have been told stories about what a horrible spouse you are.)

3. Your cheating spouse stops confiding in you and seeking advice from you.

4. Sets up a "cheating spouse" e-mail account and doesn't tell you about it.

5. The cheating spouse leaves the house in the morning smelling like Irish Spring and returns in the evening smelling like Safeguard. Emotional infidelity is very painful.

6. Cheating spouse joins the gym and begins a rigorous workout program.

7. Cheating spouse buys a cell phone for cheating and doesn't let you know.

8. Your cheating spouse, who's cheating, sets up a separate cell phone account that is billed to his office.

9. He carries condoms, and you are on the pill. A good sign of a cheating spouse.

10. Cheating spouse begins to delete all incoming phone calls from the caller ID.

Some more signs of a cheating spouse.

1. When they no longer want sex or makes excuses to not have sex.

2. When they will not allow you access to their computer or they suddenly shut down the computer when you walk into the room. They may password protect their laptop or computer to keep out suspicious eyes. Or they stay up to "work" or "play a game" on the computer after you go to bed. Excessive internet usage, especially late at night, is a red flag.

3. When they begin to put distance between you or show a lack of interest in what has been the routine with few, if any, excuses for the change in their behavior.

4. When they suddenly have to work late and have all kinds of new obligations that take them away from home repeatedly or for long periods of time. Or. . . they tell you they are working longer hours and discontinue allowing you to view their paycheck or pay stubs.

5. If your loved one works with people, such as at a bar or restaurant especially as a waitress or bartender they might suddenly tell you not to visit them at work. This usually means they are hiding something at their workplace whether it be with a co-worker or a regular customer such as at a bar.

6. When they suddenly need a cell phone or pager and you are discouraged from ever looking at it or using it. They also may make certain their cell phone or pager cannot be answered by you by hiding it or taking it with them wherever they go. They are secretive about their cell phone or pager bill and pay it themselves when you have always paid the bill in the past.

7. When they arrive home smelling faintly of perfume/cologne or another person's body.

8. When they arrive home and head straight into the shower or bath.

9. When they have lipstick or strange hairs on their clothing or in the car. Finding strange phone numbers, receipts or condoms can also be clues.

10. When they suddenly begin to treat you extremely nice; more so than usual.

11. When they begin to make "kinky" requests or suggest wildly erotic play during sex including things you have never done before. They may also show an increased interest in sex or sexual things, including porn.

12. When they talk to you they treat you abusively or with disdain, disrespect or excessive sarcasm. They may also demonstrate an unexplained aloofness or indifference in the relationship. Or. . . they may begin to find fault in everything you do in an attempt to justify their affair.

13. Her: When she gets spiffed up and dresses provocative to "go grocery shopping" or to "get her hair done." She may also show up with a sudden change of hair style. Him: When he showers, shaves (cologne, deodorant, etc.) and dresses up more than usual to "go out with his buddies" or to "go fishing."

14. When they break their established routine at work and home for no apparent or logical reason.

15. When they become suddenly forgetful and you have to tell him/her everything several times; their thoughts are obviously elsewhere.

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Is an online affair cheating if they,ve never met physically?

Is an Online Affair Cheating?

Online affairs are actually a form of emotional infidelity. Although in the early stages, there’s no sex involved, most emotional infidelity eventually leads to sexual infidelity if left unchecked . But men and women view online affairs very differently.

Most men don’t consider online affairs as cheating. However women view them quite differently. A survey in Divorce Magazine found that only 46 percent of men considered intense internet relationships to be infidelity, compared to 72 percent of women.

Are Online Affairs Serious?

Many people question whether or not online affairs should be taken seriously -- especially, if there’s no sex involved. A online affair is a VERY serious threat. A online affair should be treated as seriously as a sexual affair, because left unchecked, that’s where it will eventually end up.

In the past 10 years, divorce attorneys have reported seeing an increase in divorces and separations resulting from online infidelity. According to the Fortino Group, one-third of divorce litigation is caused by online affairs.

It doesn’t take much for a online affair to make the transition from online space to the real world. Several studies have found close connections between online affairs and subsequent sexual affairs.

* According to statistics, 50% of people who engage in internet chats have made phone contact with someone they chatted with online.
* One study found that 30 % of online-affairs escalate from e-mail to telephone calls to personal contact.
* Another study found that 31% of people had an online conversation which eventually led to real-time sex.

So don’t make the mistake of underestimating a online affair.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy girlfriend story. Emails from hell.

Email i received on the site from a user:

Hi my name is Victor and i am a member of the website that you talk about on your background check blog. I purchased a membership and hadn't had a need to use it until recently. I joined about 11 months ago. Let me tell you a quick story about how your website saved me a lot of time, money, pain and suffering.

I just went through a very rough relationship that began in a rough patch in my life. Me and cythia (fake name) had been going out for about a year and a half before she started acting funny (not haha) she started to have reasons of her own to fight and argue whenever i came home from work or she came in from outdoors. I could never understand what the arguments were about even after she spent the better part of the day brooding and mentioning them. I was going crazy slowly and gradually, so gradually that i did not even notice it anymore. It was one of those just was things. No reason, no rhyme just a fact of daily life.

I don't want to say every day was bad but i have to because it was. she would leave and return angry at me even though i had not even seen her that day. I was in a whole lot of confusion and hurt. One of my friends had a talk with me and the background check service came up and from there it was history. I was stunned when i entered her name and city into the search box.She had a criminal record for domestic abuse, resisting arrest and a bunch of other things that only unstable people do, breaking windows, stalking, she even had a prowling charge. I started paying attention then and found out she was bi-polar and had gotten a prior boyfriend fired. This woman was a certifiable loony type. I did a little legwork and found that her last boyfriend had restraining orders on her even now. I also found out she was having 2 separate affairs and had 4 guys in total seeking protection from her from the courts. Imagine i was going to marry her. That was and still is a scary thought. Long story short i broke from her and moved my internet business back to my home town (i was only in that city for the relationship) I am happy and successful and crazy lady free and its all thanks to you.

Victor in more ways than one. Thanks

Its the least i can do victor. I set this whole thing up that i do just to get stories like this with happy endings. And also to show as many people as i can that the information is out there to make you and your family and loved ones safer in a very cooky world.

D. Harris

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is your spouse or lover cheating or being unfaithful?

"Before you read on, you should be aware of the 4 most common signs of cheating:

1. Suspicious cellphone behavior. Perhaps your partner has been hiding their cellphone, or quickly ducking into another room to take phone calls?

2. Smelling of another person's perfume or cologne. Noticed this? Or has your partner suddenly started doing their own laundry at strange hours?

3. Popping out at strange hours. Perhaps working late nights when they didn't use to? Or going to see some friend that you've never heard of?

4. Their internet history constantly being deleted and suspicious behavior when checking email and during online chatting.

Your significant other may be doing any or all of these things, thats not the worst part. The worst part is not knowing. Wait i can say that better. The worst part is knowing but not being able to prove it.

After you get the feeling that your lover or spouse is cheating on you your whole world changes. You feel uncomfortable where you felt at ease. You find it hard to be happy around that person and you tend to think about it all the time, your imagination runs wild.

I had a lover who nearly drove me insane with the lack of trust issue, i never knew how to feel. The anticipation leading up to finding out was 1000 times worst than the actual finding out. Idid not care as much as i thought once i found out, it was the whole sherlock holmes thing that they had me doing that got me nearly obsessed with finding out. I checked pockets, i checked cars and cell-phones, one time i even did the private eye follow them around thing. That was the hell of it, not the actual act.

Well luckily my friend lent me her book on finding out if your spouse or lover is cheating. I dismissed it at first because i was in that "green eyed devil" frame of mind but when i finally got around to reading it it blew me away. There was tons of ideas and techniques in that thing. Not to mention case studies that single out the most common signs. I loved that book so much that i actually bought my own copy to lend out when one of my "peeps" gets in that cant live must find out mode. I just give them the book and wait, they always come around before its too late.

Are you sick and tired of your partner's suspicious cheating behavior? This same partner that you have unselfishly devoted so much of your life and love to over the years? The one that you have been there for, even when no one else has? If your partner is in fact cheating on you, and you want solid evidence right now, check out the website for more information. You will come back and thank me for saving your dignity and sanity. Oh i almost forgot, once you get a name you can find out anything on the person for less than $10 a year. I'll post the links below.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Why pay $30 for one background check? Unlimited searches $10 a year.

Why would anyone pay $30-50 dollars for one single background check online when they can have a membership to our website for 1/3 the cost anually?

We still offer Unlimited background checks and reverse telephone number lookups for less than $10 a year. Just thought anyone looking for a background check service would like to view our information.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Find the truth, i sure did. Email Testimonials.

Thanks your articles helped me make the decision and i am glad i did. I used it to find my step-sister, i found her address and phone number. The phone was off but the letter got through and i am in contact with her again after 25 years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Marianne Pokortny, Leeds, Alabama

Always feels good to get a find. I'll put you in the win column and thank you for allowing me to help you find your step-sister. Admin

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Find the truth, do a background check with public records.

Become an Online Investigator

How many times have you watched your neighbor across the street through closed drapes or blinds? Something about him seems suspicious, and your instincts are on the alert regarding this shady neighbor. You see strange people coming and going at all hours of the night, and his house has been broken into three times in the last month. You find yourself wondering why. find the truth with public records.

Your best friend calls you, distraught, and tells you she thinks her husband is having an affair. She desperately wants to know the truth, but is afraid of a confrontation with him. Another friend was involved in a traffic accident, and the other driver fled the scene. She has his license plate number, but is incredibly frustrated because the police do not seem interested in her case.

If you have ever found yourself in one of these situations, and had an overwhelming urge to find out the answers, you may make a terrific online investigator.

find the truth with legal background checks online

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Never Trust Nobody!! The new age american anthem.

Who do You Trust? Should You?

We all have someone in our lives with whom we feel we can share all of our thoughts and secrets. Usually it is a member of our family, or a schoolmate whose friendship has endured through the decades. These people have usually seen us at our best and at our worst, and they have been right there by our sides to see us through it all. Such friends and family share in the triumphs and suffer through the sorrows. There are no ulterior motives.

Many of us also have friends we have known for quite some time, who are always open and friendly, but never really help carry the burden when the going gets tough. Or we have family members who suddenly pop into our lives from seemingly nowhere.

How many of these people do you trust? Would you trust them with your life? Can you trust them with a secret? Or do you trust no one?

Be careful who you trust – your welfare may depend upon it

When it comes to matters of great importance, we must be very cautious with our secrets. How many times have you heard stories of the trusted caregiver stealing his or her elderly charge blind? Suddenly a helpless senior citizen with no family to speak of is left destitute, their life’s savings stolen from them by the very person who was supposed to care for them.

Or, how many times have you seen one person suddenly befriend another, only because they wanted something they couldn’t otherwise attain? Remember Selena, the singer? Her trusted manager and friend not only stole from her, but she eventually killed her.

How do you know who you can trust, or if you even should? In cases of close family, you most likely already know who has stood by you through it all and who has not. However, when it comes to other people, use caution and trust your judgment.

Research their intentions and past, easily and legally

If you feel someone has befriended you because they want something from you, play detective and try to find out what that person’s wants and needs are. Learning what they lack in their life may very well hold the key to what they are looking for from you – giving you the knowledge to protect yourself and your assets.

If you suspect your newfound friend is in financial trouble, try looking into court records to see if any bankruptcies have been filed, or any judgments have been made against that person. Look for property foreclosures, IRS or other tax liens, or court-ordered wage garnishments. Try to determine if your friend has a gambling problem.

On the other hand, you may suspect your new friend is a thief, or running from someone. A personal background check should reveal secrets about your friend’s life, including any criminal misconduct.

Most of this investigation can be done via the Internet by searching public records. However, you may have to dig into many different databases to get the answers you want. If you are looking for an easy, quick way to search an individual’s true history, an online background check service, such as Net Detective, is an affordable way to search all available databases from one location.

Looking into someone’s past may not seem necessary, but it will be well worth it if it saves you the headache of a stolen identity or an empty bank account. It will also be worth it if you are able to forge one of those rare, lifelong friendships.

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