Monday, May 9, 2011

5 cool reasons to do a online background check .

When I first heard of online background check services being offered I had 3 reasons I thought they sounded fun be were not for me. They may seem small to you but they really made the whole public record search issue a non-issue for me.

I thought they would be too expensive. But after running across several sites in day to day browsing and reading the information I was shocked to see that they were cheap, very, very inexpensive. I was expecting hundreds maybe thousands of dollars to be average, imagine my shock and amazement when I saw the average cost was under 50 dollars a year for unlimited access.

When was the last time I had to capture a fleeing felon or trace a telephone number or license plate? Who am I now, Magnum P.I? Murder she wrote? ...If I had a nickel for every time I needed access to police background checking database I could buy as much free air as I could carry. But the question isn't when was the last time you needed background check information, the real question is when was the last time you wished you had access to those resources? The questions are similar but the answers are completely different. Everyone has wished they knew more about someone. Your daughters boyfriend, you wife's boss, your children's teachers, coaches and bus drivers, just too name a few, the list is as endless as the reasons.

Reason 1: Have you ever needed to see who belonged to a certain telephone number? Or maybe you had a certain license plate number? I can't tell you how many times I have looked up my daughters guy friends (and girlfriends) its not snooping, its being a good parent, that is if you ask me.

Reason 2: Haven't you ever wanted to see if someone was what or who they say they are? Everyone knows at least one person they believe is nothing but hot air. Wouldn't it be nice to know instead of think?

Reason 3: Did you ever want to check up on a date or co-worker? If you haven't then you are not human.

Reason 4: Awe and impress your friends by knowing about your boss or them. You give this membership as a gift and they will love you forever and ever, and also reinvest after the first 3 years is up (membership length) And it only costs $29 for 3 years unlimited access to all the tools, and they add new ones occasionally.

Reason 5: Find old school friends and long lost family and acquaintances. How cool would it be to drop a letter to an old friend? Or maybe pick up the phone and call a long lost co-worker you have lost track with?

Reason 6: You can use instant online background checks from your mobile phones browser! No one mentions this fact but it is true. The members areas are all web based so we make it possible to find out anything online instantly from anywhere at anytime.

Online background checks are not just for spies and police anymore, even housewives can know things like only james bond and law enforcement officers could in the past.

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Your family has just happily moved to a new city. You have a great job, beautiful home, and the neighborhood seems friendly. You enroll your children into the local school district, which has received great national rankings. Before long, your daughter has been invited for sleepovers at her friend's house. Although you have met the friend's parents several times, and they seem like nice people, you have read too many horror stories to feel comfortable allowing your daughter to sleepover. Needless to say, she is devastated and blames you for moving her to a new place, where she has no friends. What is a parent to do?

Safety is the best policy, and accessing the legal system is a critical step in keeping your family safe. Every day, there are more stories reported about unsuspecting victims who have been harmed by criminals, who may be your neighbor or the parents of your daughter's friends. The cases are real; the charming father may be a sexual predator or deviant, and he may sexually harass or even rape your daughter. Looks are very deceiving, and the only way to know if that friendly smile is authentic is by accessing the legal system to conduct a background check.

Getting the information you need has been made incredibly easy by the internet. By performing a people search online, you can basically find out almost anything about anyone. Both court records and criminal records can even be accessed via public records.

Depending upon the state in which you live, you may instantly access public records online. With a simple internet connection, you can browse through a person's public records, including criminal records, court records, and even driving records! Find out whether the parents of your friend's child have clean background checks, or if they may be hiding a deep secret from the community behind their friendly smiles and freshly baked cookies.

If you are in a state where you cannot access the legal system online, then you have two options First, you can conduct a people search through the search engines; you can find out anything about anyone online, and the parents of your daughter's friends are no different. Input their names and phone numbers, and a plethora of information may be revealed about their criminal records.

However, the power of determining the history and background check of a person comes from the legal system. If you cannot access online the government public records of your state, then there are several services that have contracts with government departments and courts to provide background checks and criminal records. With a click of a button, you can instantly access the legal system to discreetly find out about anyone through their criminal records, court records, and driving records. Not only do you save time, but you protect your family definitively against criminals who threaten the safety of your children.

Many people may believe that records of the U.S. government are confidential, but that is not necessarily true. Knowing just where to search can provide you with important information and direct access to the legal system. By working with specialized services, you can instantly access legal systems and obtain all of the background check information you need to give you peace of mind.

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