Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent Technologies Change Public Records Game.

With the way the world is going no one is surprised that Public Records uses and memberships have sky-rocketed (background checks, find people, asset, marriage and grave locating also) it is only natural with the explosion in crime and weirdness in the world.

The latest thing in the public records field is the introduction of the Public Records website Acme that allows you to search all major public records databases from one place and then decide which service to get your information from. How it works...

You enter a name and any other information you have into the standard search engine and click on enter just like always, here is where the differences start. After clicking enter your request is sent to most major public records services and they gather the information and give you a sample and a price quote, you choose which service to become a member with after viewing the price and information quality. This has seen prices drop 25-30% over the last three quarters.

This new way to find information on people is better suited, easier and more inexpensive for businesses and individuals wanting to gather personal information on a individual for personal or business related.

Public Records Will Never Be The Same. Better, Faster, cheaper.

Visit information page.