Saturday, November 8, 2008

Find, trace or investigate anyone online, No computer skill required.

I remember when i first started in the insurance business, more than 30 years ago, it took hours, sometimes days, to find or background check people and that was using the latest "high End" equipment. We paid royally to be allowed to access the databases that held all the valuable information that we needed daily in the business. We paid it gladly because the information allowed us to do our jobs better, faster and more efficiently. If my old boss could see me now, rest his soul, he would not believe the advances in technology. He certainly would not believe the fact that any person could do what he paid dearly for the privilege to do, and for roughly 1% of the cost.

Well welcome to the modern age. The above mentioned advances are exactly why i started in the online background check business, i could not believe the small fee and speed of the background check process. Where before we had several forms in triplicate that had to be faxed to a central place and then approved and that was prior to the wait for the actual information to be forwarded back to our main office. So when i tried my first civilian background check on my good friends computer...let us just say that i was flabberghasted. I also wanted in, i had to be involved in this, i knew that this technology would make all the other equipment and procedure obsolete. And the results were comparable, no half baked flimsy results, it shook my belief in "you get what you pay for". The internet really changed things.

Well to make a long story short, i did get in and it paid off better than my wildest dreams. I no longer go to work at the office, my office is at home. My websites service over a million members and i have access to over 250,000,000 individuals records, i am the authority on background checks and it only took me 15 years of 12 hour days. But now it pretty much runs itself except of course for marketing but even there my product sells itself. So in celebration i am offering a severely cut price for anyone interested in joining those in the know. If you have ever thought of gaining access to a background, criminal, personal information or people search database, not the free ones that give you nothing other than a city and maybe a telephone number (if you are lucky) but a full-fledged law enforcement grade public records database membership, this is the time.

*Check to see who lives in the house down the block.

*Check to see if your kids teachers have a criminal record.

*Check to see who owns a car from just a license plate.

*Find out the name behind a phone number.

*Find out the value of any house with just an address.

*Find out a persons annual income, and much, much more for the "thanks for the success" price of less than $10 a year. And that includes all tools. And the best part is even a trained monkey could run it. No computer skill needed at all. If you can fill in a name and a city, you could do a background check. And all of this can be done in seconds or minutes from you home computer or even your cellular phone.

Don't miss out. Membership makes a great Christmas gift that you can use over and over again long after Christmas.

Visit information page.

Blow out sale. Less than $10 a year for unlimited use of tools and services.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Does your spouse have a secret? Or a secret life? Find the truth.

No one wants to have their relationship fail. If they didn't want it to last forever more, they wouldn't have taken the vows in the first place, correct? Well, sometimes things happen that we just can't gain control of and sometimes, affairs happen to very surprised people. We all know this, so when we see suspicious actions from our partner, it can really make us wonder what in the world is going on, what are they hiding? That thought alone if prolonged can cause serious damage to your self esteem and general personal well being.

Don't let love make a fool out of you, though many, many, many do, every single day and in every single place. Human nature is a beast. Maybe your wife or husband has started staying out later than usual a few times as of late, or they have dipped out of the room after a call came through on their cell, or maybe you found a number that had no name attached to it. Maybe they just seem like they have a secret. Here are a few tips on what you can do next.

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