Thursday, September 25, 2008

How to do a background check on a cell phone.

How to do a background check on a cell phone.

I was playing around with my new cell phone watch and discovered something that i was sure was possible. I ran a background check from the browser window. I knew it was easy and possible on my regular cell phone but i was not expecting the new cell phone watch to allow me to, well it did and does. Heres the quick and easy way to do a background check from any web enabled cell phone (most are now-a-days)

1. Open up your cell phones web browser like you normally would when surfing the internet.

2. Type in the web address , when the page loads log in and perform your search. If you arent a member you will have to join, its cheap less than $10 a year for unlimited searches. But if you just want to try it out on a free to check service first enter this

3. Put the name of the person you want to perform the search on and press enter. The rest is automatic.

Cool huh? Just wanted to share. And if you want to see a picture and/or video of my new cell phone watch click new cell phone watch. I feel like a regular Dick Tracy, welcome to the future i guess. To bad gas is so high now.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Instant National Criminal Background Check and felon and felony search.

Protect Yourself! Find the truth. Criminal Background Check and felon and felony search.

Currently there are more than 6 million people in the U.S. that are in jail, prison, on probation or on parole. Allot of these crimes are committed by repeat offenders who will get out and will commit crimes again. Studies have shown that felons commit worst and worst crimes as time goes by. Our instant National Criminal Background Check and felon and felony search is a comprehensive report showing felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses and much more. Employers, investigators, and parents use our criminal record databases daily to keep them informed and safe.

Do you have a felony on record by mistake? Is there a felony on your record that you don't know about?

Your doctor, Your lawyer or the teacher of your kids at school may all be felons and you could never know. Neighbors, friends, family members even the baby-sitter or child care person, felons come from all walks of life. The safety of your family and loved ones may depend on who you choose to associate with.

Worry no more.

Find out if someone has a felony right now.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

How to protect your loved ones from nursing home abuse.

How to find out which aides are abusive in nursing homes. Find the truth.

Finding a reputable and safe nursing home for your elderly loved ones and then placing them there is never an easy task. Although you may know deep in your heart that there is no other choice. You may even have to some extent convinced them that the move is best for them. The actual placement is nothing compared to the worries and sleepless nights that you and your family experience at the thought of abandoning grandma or grandfather to the unknown.

You do the research as best you can but you never really lose that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something may go terribly wrong no matter how much time and effort you put into picking the best facility for old grandma or grandpa to call home for the remainder of their years. Whether it be assisted living or a full-time nursing home, you just have to accept the fact that you are going to have many, many sleepless nights wondering if your loved ones are safe and sound in their forced (most of the time) new living arrangements. It takes a while to get over the guilt that many experience or the feelings of abandonment to someone who allot of the time spent a lifetime taking care of you. After a while the guilty feeling in you stomach recedes just enough to let you sleep through the night. Then out of nowhere a news story about nursing home abuse appears on your local news and it all comes flooding back.

Nursing home abuse is an ever present segment of most news shows in the modern world but it never hits home until you have a loved one in an actual nursing home, then it hits home with such an impact that it seems it will never break free. Well I am not going to suggest that I can make the worry go away completely but I can offer a toll to take away some of the worry by helping you to do the best research you can on the people charged with taking care of your loved ones either before you decide where they are going or after they have been there already.

My tip is this, ask the manager of the facility you want to place them in or they are already in for a list of all the nurses and nurses aides that will be taking care of your loved one. They will be more than happy (well maybe not happy) to provide you with a list of names. And thought this may seem strange believe me you are not the first to ask or receive such a list. If you haven't signed papers yet they will cough up the names in a heartbeat, if our loved ones are there already it may take a few days for them to provide it for you but don't take no for an answer. Once you have the list join an inexpensive background check website (like this one it is only $29 for 3 years of unlimited people searches and background checks in their members area. Or this one which is the same price for 5 years of criminal and background checks.) and check every name on the list, it should not be that many. Most online background checks are inexpensive and have more than enough resources to provide what you need.

I hope this helps with the hard decisions involved with placing a loved one in a retirement, assisted living or nursing home and/or care facility.

D. Harris (background man)

Nursing Home Secrets.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What you don't know about background checks.

Really cool reasons to punch a name into those People search boxes you see everywhere online. Background check services have more uses than you would imagine.

Find a lost friend

Find out what they say about you personally.

Find lost family.

Find out a neighbors name

Find out which teachers have records and why.

Check out who lives at an address

Find out if a service person is legit.

All of these and more can be done with an online background check.

All of these and more can be done from a PC or cellular phone.

The first time i ever heard of online background check services being offered I had a few reasons I thought sounded fun but out of my league. They may seem minor but they really made the whole public record background search issue a non-issue for me.

I thought they would cost too much for one thing. But after running across several sites in day to day browsing and reading the information I was amazed to find they were cheap to very, very inexpensive. I expected hundreds of dollars to be average, imagine my shock and amazement when I saw the average cost was under 50 bucks. Most were below even that like $29, $35 and this was for membership. With memberships that usually span anywhere from 1 to 3 years for the almost comical price of under $30 (thirty -omg) bucks. That is the reason i started this blog, i wanted to get the word out to anyone who would listen.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The best tips to catch a person cheating.

This website is a little more in-depth than the usual background check website, this place is for people with an agenda. Here is a list of things they offer to catch cheaters.

Log all calls trace.
"We provide you a pre-paid calling card. You give it to the subject, and you get a detailed printout of every call made, date, time, and telephone number called, and telephone number call placed from."

Catch them red handed online.

"You provide an email address and we search thousands of online dating web sites to catch your spouse cheating online."

Are you receiving unwanted E-Mail containing obscene or threatening language, no problem.

"Email Trace Reports will will reveal who they are, where they live and arm you with the information you need to protect yourself."

There are too many things to list, go and view the website and you will see all manner of clever tactics.

High Tech Online surveillance tactics.

How to get your lover back tips.

Best background check online.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

People search the top 4 "find People" websites from one box.

It took a while but it is finally done. People search the top 4 "find People" websites from one text box. The best part is that it is free to search on the website. The actual background check information website you choose to go "in-depth" with may charge you to join or fr a single "in-depth search but the portal is free to use.

It is set up to use the top four find people websites like Netdetective, clickbank, GDI and You cannot find a better people search engine online.

Make no mistakes that these are all Paid background check sites but you can search them all with just one text input box. I am really stoked for this and just wanted to pass it on to you.

Click the information link below to see the actual people search website i made.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whats the best way to find someone online?

Whats the best way to find someone online?

This is another from the FAQ's i get in emails a week, although this question is asked constantly. I take them to mean, which service is best in context with the subject matter of this blog. That isn't even a hard question, in fact it is easy. The answer is without a doubt Net Detective. At this time net detective is the best background check website going. When you add in factors like these.

What most people need to find.
Most people want to check a persons name but many want to check a phone number or even an address to find who lives there. Most other sites don't off those extras.

Price of membership.

$29 bucks for 3 year unlimited usage of all tools. Search addresses, numbers, people and a bunch of other searches.

. See Above.

Length of Membership. See "price of membership."

Net Detective Is far ans away the best bargain for the average civilian background check user. That is why most online background check websites are either affiliates of theirs or use their databases. That is also why i t stays in the top 3 in this blogs sidebar.

Hope that answers all the readers emails. D.Harris Admin.

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Can An online background check prevent crimes?

Can An online background check prevent crimes? Or is it just to locate people?

I think this is another email question i get at least 20 times a week.

I have thought and answered this question many times in the past in email responses but i figured i would tackle it in a post to maybe help a few people before they email me.

If online background checks were only to find people why do employers insist on them? landlords? These people are not trying to find people, they know where the people are already. They are looking for indications of criminal potential. They want to see the past to weigh the future of having a relationship with you or whatever person they are investigating. That's the main reason most background checks are done. They also find addresses and numbers along with being used to find people..

So...Yes an online background check can prevent crime if you use it to check up on associates and friends. You may find a felon or a sex offender in your list of friends and acquaintances. wouldn't that be nice to know before you completely trudt them?

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

TV Commercial for the best Online background check website.

TV Commercial for the best Online background check website. If it interests you click the banner above the post Net Detective.

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STill Not Convinced? Watch this.

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Find out what your kids are doing online passwords too.

Want to know what your kid is doing on the internet?

1. An estimated 725,000 children have been aggressively pursued for sex online
2. 1 out of 4 children were sent pictures of people who were naked or having sex.
3. 1 out of 5 kids were solicited for sex on the Internet.
4. 50 percent of people have made phone calls with someone they chatted with online.
5. Perverts use the internet far more than school yards as "hunting grounds."

Worried? You should be. Read on to find out how to find out if any of this affects your kids.

We Record and find out More Than ANYONE!
Do your kids use Yahoo for email? We monitor it! See all incoming and outgoing email for Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL web and more. Most other programs cannot record incoming web emails, like Hotmail or Yahoo. We do! Additionally, the user cannot get around IamBigBrother by clearing cache or history- it we find EVERYTHING as it happens...including PASSWORDS!

Log All Web Sites Visited and find out what your kids do online.
See a complete list of all web sites visited with the web page URL, title and time visited. Double-click on any site to visit while online.

Need to find out where kids manage to find spyware that causes your computer to break down frequently with error messages.

Capture Screen Shots when your kid types certain keywords online, like sex and meet me.

Another useful feature is to let I am Big Brother capture the screen when certain keywords are typed. If any of the words you setup are typed, IamBigBrother will capture the whole screen and save it for later viewing by the parent. This also works for offline programs too!

Log All Text Typed And Programs Run
Everything your child typed online and offline will be saved. All programs opened will be logged also. Find out everything your child is doing on the computer. This includes finding out your child's passwords!

Runs VERY Secretly, your kids will not be able to cut it off.
As with all of our monitoring software, IamBigBrother runs in total secrecy, and is very hard to find. IamBigBrother will not slow down your computer, or do anything noticeable to the user. We test many of these, and THIS is the best. You may wonder how you see the recorded information if it is so hidden...all you do is enter your secret password, and IamBigBrother will activate...but only for you! IamBigBrother does NOT appear in the START menu, nor will it appear in the CTRL-ALT-DEL Task Manager.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Man rapes 8 day old daughter. Weird world we live in.

(Forrest City, Arkansas- 9/4/2008) - The last time Jacqueline Smith saw her 18-year-old son, Reginald Davis, he was leaving their Forrest City, Arkansas, home.

She says he had gotten a call from his girlfriend about their baby girl being sick.

"She had called, and it was like about 12:45 am. He was walking out the door. He said, 'mama I'll be back. I am going to see what's wrong with the baby,'" says Smith.

Hours later, Reginald was calling her from jail, saying he had been arrested.

The police report says Reginald's 8-day-old-baby had been taken to the hospital by Reginald, the baby's 15-year-old mom and the grandmother.

They said the baby had vaginal bleeding.

Doctors also found evidence of sexual assault and physical assault from bruises on the child's face and head.

CNN Story

This is why i do what i do on this blog.

Know who your friends really are? Find out.
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Whats the best way to find people online?

Q. Whats the best way to find people online?

After years and thousands of background checks online i can name at least 100 popular "find people online" Websites that are blatant rip-offs with impossible customer service. I can also name 10 or 12 that deliver great results and customer satisfaction. I keep up with refund reasons and taking that into consideration, here are the two that have the least refunds over the years and the most satisfied customers. The links in the sidebar are always the best places.

Find people 1st place website.

Find people 2nd place website.

The only real difference is the price. One has a few more bells and whistles behind the scene.

Shouldn't you try to find the people you miss in life?

Life is short. When you are young and fairly new to the world the people you love and remember but don't or haven't talked to or seen in years are felt to be always there. You hear news from friends and family members and are sorry to hear the inevitable "bad news." If you are older, say in you 40's or older you know at least a few friends you wish you would have kept up with before it was too late. I myself have at least 5 people i wish i would have tried to find.

There is no excuse anymore for you to not at least try and find the people you had so many great times with, if for nothing else just to visit a little. That is the exact reason i am in the business i am in. I want to help others find the people they need to find without getting taken for a ride like i did when i first tried to use the internet to find people.

Visit Find people easy website.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Earth and background checks find anybody online.

In today’s world it is possible for average people to find out almost anything about anyone from their own home using Google Earth and Background check websites.

Finding a person or a long lost friend has become much more possible than ever before with the gathering and offering of background checks to the public at large. You can join a background check website and find out addresses by typing in telephone numbers or license plates numbers the same way that law enforcement and movie spies have been doing for years, the information available is amazing. And after finding that address through a background check you can now plug that address into Google earth and actually see the address in question. Welcome to the modern world of civilian espionage.

Find people online.
I'm sold lets try it?

Paid background checks vs Free background checks.

Paid Background Check websites deliver.

Paid Background Checks are very useful When you absolutely Want to find information on someone or the someone in person. Use Paid Background Checks for employment reasons, or criminal investigations. There just isn’t enough information in a free background check to help a serious inquiry. Paid Background Checks are what you need to start an online criminal or business related investigation. A free background check website will possibly find a person, a full “paid’ background check will far more likely find more accurate and extensive information. It is always better to pay for a background check online than to use a free website when the data you are looking for is of an important nature and a free background check when its of a casual nature. And the price is ridiculously low. Most paid background check sites are membership bases and memberships are usually under $40 dollars a year for unlimited usage. The one in the link below is $30 for 3 years and work pretty well for business and civilian use.

Get Your paid Background Check Here

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Looking for, trying to find, searching for...someone?

If i would have had access to this collection of websites and blogs when i was searching for my long lost half brother i would have saved 3 years of my life. And to think he was less than 5 miles away in a surrounding suburb. If i had a nickel for every time i heard a similar story i could retire today, yesterday even. Thats actually the reason i started writing articles and reviews for background check websites. I was Looking for, trying to find, searching for...someone and most of the websites i plucked down hard earned money to join were rip-offs with shady promises and even shadier customer service. Most i just gave up on and let them keep the money. To this day i can log in to just about every background check, find people website on the internet. I have spent thousands to keep my sites and blog up to date with the latest and best background check websites links and reviews online.

You can rest assured that by clicking any sponsor link on this blog will get you one of the best find people websites doing business. I get shafted to keep my users and readers from getting shafted. I sell more background check memberships than almost anyone with this philosophy. I am constantly updating and reviewing and the duds never see the light of day.

So if you are Looking for, trying to find, searching for...someone you have come to the right place to find, investigate or decide on a online background check resource.

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