Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Are online background check websites a ripoff or useful tool?

Unfortunately there is any number of unscrupulous individuals in the Internet marketplace, just like in the real world marketplace. There are online background checking websites that are good for nothing beyond taking your money. They routinely give you nothing more that the same information that you could find free on a basic Google search. I have been selling online public records investigations exclusively for the last 4 years so I have run into more than my share of con artist background check websites. But just as with anything I have learned through trial and error to recognize these charlatans and fleecers, as I call them, and steer clear of them.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Find background check information tips. Pt. 2

Much of a person’s background can be found within readily available public records. However, your actual investigation will vary according to what information you have available at the onset. Usually the hardest investigation to put together is one where you only have a subject's name.

Depending on the purpose of the background check it can consist of the following:

· Police Record Check
· Credit Check
· Court Records Check
· Education Check
· Previous Employment Check
· Neighborhood Check
· Personal References
· Background Check

Checking previous employment can be as simple as making a phone call but of course will vary from business to business. Most businesses will not release any personal background information but can and often will verify employment dates and overall performance of the person you are trying to find information on.

Checking with neighbors can sometimes provide you with information that you would not have been able to obtain elsewhere. However, such information can be unreliable and usually requires a good pretext to obtain. It is usually worth the effort since it often finds other leads for you to follow.

Personal references such as those usually requested on an employment application are usually not even worth checking unless you have very specific questions that you feel might be answered. It goes without saying that not many if any will list references that have anything but good reports to offer. The actual personal references that a subject provides may offer you a more accurate picture of your subject than what they actually have to say. (i.e.: Do the references include professional people or respected citizens etc.)

Many investigators and other researchers will use online Internet information brokers and background check services to obtain public records. Nonetheless, with a little leg work, Internet surfing and research, one can find most of your subject’s background information from public records sources.

It should be noted that this section’s purpose within the program is not to provide you with the actual addresses, phone numbers and Internet locations for a background check investigation but rather to provide you with a general overview of what is available for performing a background check. The actual sources where you can find information are provided in various formats elsewhere within the member’s section.
The purpose of the reference information in this section is to provide you with general information on some of the sources that investigators and others use to find people. The actual links and addresses to these information sources are located elsewhere within the member’s section.

With the exception of adoption cases and those that have made every effort to hide, everyone leaves a paper trail that can be followed when you know how to find it. The actual sources that will prove useful to you in your search are quite often decided by what information you have about your target at the onset. Therefore it is best to start your search by gathering every piece of information that you can find and putting it into one central place such as a journal. The Members Case Log is provided for such use.

Hopefully you are fortunate enough to find the person you are searching for immediately, however, if not, you can use your journal to record any new pieces of information you find along the way. As you find data about your target, not only will your journal become larger but so will the list of information sources that you can use.

If you are not already a member of some background check membership service, let me recommend the best. Net detective offers an unlimited membership for less than $10 a year. That means access to all the tools, resourses and unlimited public records searches. They offer how-tos and a great arsenal of tools that you just won’t find on a regular Internet search. The best part is that they search all of these source, conventional and oddball every time you perform a search in the member’s section

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Monday, May 19, 2008

Find Information, find People, find peace of mind.

Find Information, find People, find peace of mind.

Human nature lends itself towards curiosity, and most of us would love to know where our old friends are. With the boom of the internet, you can now enjoy the fun of finding out what your old friends have been doing.

Or imagine standing at a crossroads in your life, as you prepare to exchange lifetime vows with your fiancé. Hopefully you have already learned the secrets your significant other carries. However, what would it be like to get married - only to find out later that your spouse had hidden his devastating financial history? How shocking would it be to learn your spouse has children from a previous marriage that you knew nothing about?

Answer your questions with discrete, legal online background check.

No one likes to snoop around in the lives of our loved ones, especially because we run the risk of getting caught.

However, there is a way to find out answers regarding other people’s pasts without risking discovery. For example, Net Detective is an online database that allows you to discreetly search publicly available records – uncovering the secrets of your friends and family.

Friends, families, or enemies – all the information you need is online and easily accessible.

Finding important background information online will allow you to make a good choice, or prevent you from making the wrong choice in your personal or professional lives. This can extend to family, friends and business associates.

The importance of this information can be handed down to your loved one as well, since you will be able to stay better informed about your kid’s playmates, their families, and the entire neighborhood.

Find your family history. Find out why your mother no longer talks to her sister, or track down long lost relatives. Find out who has had kids, who has died, even who has gotten wed or divorced.

Find an old buddy or girlfriend from school, even if they have a non-listed telephone number. Find your old friend from your stint in the military. Find that mysterious buddy you made, but lost track of after your vacation in California.

Online background check and public records checks can be performed fast and discreetly, from the privacy of your own home, without anyone else knowing. The best part is that this is completely honest and legal, it just seems like it isn’t to those unaware of their rights as an American.

If you have wanted to learn more about your family tree, find your old high school girlfriend, or find out if any of your old buddies ever ended up in prison, our online background check will give you the tools you need to find those answers for yourself. How you choose to proceed from there is entirely up to you. You may find yourself reunited with your college fling, or find a long lost friend or family member. The possibilities are too many to list.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Stop being the victim and empower yourself through information.

In todays world there are so many ways to become a victim that its hard to even be safe keeping to yourself or minding your own business. Neighbors are threats, delivery men are threats even the clergy, teachers and business associates are threats. No one can know where the next threat is coming from.

In all my years writing about, reviewing and selling background checks i have to say that this is the worst i have seen it in all those years. I also have to say that this is the best i have ever done, apparently people have taken my advice and used the tools i talk about here on the blog and website and used them to empower themselves against fraud and underhanded people. Finally more and more people understand how important it is to know who you are dealing with at an increases rate than in the past. My tools really do help you find out the truth about people as opposed to the "need to know" basis they give out this information when talking to you.

In the past i was a accused of being overly suspicious, nosy and any number of other things when i was just aware of human nature and the times we are living in. Gone are the days of trusting strangers and helping out a hitch-hiker. Neighbors don't look out for each other like we use to and friends and family are often to blame for things friends and family did not do to each other in the past. It doesn't feel good to run into an old friend you may want to take up with again, run his name and find out that he has sexual assault or fraud or theft or any other bad thing in his past that you would have never known if left up tho them. It nay no feel so good to you at the time but imagine how bad it would feel to find out first hand after one of those crimes were commited against you or lord forbid you family. It pays to find out the truth about potential friends and business acquaintances in the modern world. We have to live in it, we do not have to go unprotected.

And you can avoid allot of wasted pain and suffering for less than $10 a year, you can find out the background of anyone an unlimited number of searches for that small price. And to encourage you to protect yourself from friends, neighbors and strangers i have found and am suggesting the lowest priced membership with the biggest array of tools to keep you safe. Background checks, criminal and many others, email tracking tools, license plate and phone number tracking and more, all for only $29 for a 3 year unlimited use membership. I can not guarantee the price for much longer than a month but for now it is sticking.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Find Anyone you are looking for online. Background Checks Pt. 1

Is your spouse cheating on you? How well do you know your child care provider or babysitter? Does your home contractor have a background or criminal record you should know about? Net Detective can help in ways no other online background check resource can. Now, you can stay in complete control of your Home, business and personal relationships.

Discover the service everyone's been talking about. Net Detective is a completely new way to find both widely available and exclusive information on anyone! Plus, it's security is fast, affordable and confidential.
Net Detective is different than any other online background check resource you've ever used because we derive our information from a proprietary, in-house database. This means you not only find the information available in other popular public record background searches, but you also find exclusive information not found in civilian. It would take days, if not months, of dedicated research to gather the wealth of information available on Net Detective in mere seconds and with complete discretion and security.

Plus, Net Detective is so affordable! Imagine, less than ten dollars a year for unlimited background checks and unlimited use of all tools and resources. Compare our low, one-time fee to other resources, they are much more expensive. Consider the time it would take you to conduct this research yourself using search engines, telephones and courthouses, if you could even find it. At Net Detective, you pay just $0.08 per day. Our proprietary database is a product of more than seven years of dedicated research and industry expertise, our databases are the biggest most current in the country maybe even the world. Net Detective includes information frequently overlooked by even the best detective or information seeker.

An old idea - perfected. We now have than 843,000 satisfied users accessing background information, family histories, criminal records and so much more. At Net Detective, we provide the absolute best and most comprehensive Identity background check information available. Net Detective was built by professionals who have extensive technical, Internet and investigative expertise. We were tired of looking through multiple resources only to find duplicate and irrelevant information. We were sick of paying for multiple subscriptions just to find a comprehensive personal profile. We couldn't afford gaps or holes in our information. We solved our problems Net Detective solves all of these problems and more! That’s why we are The Best Personal Home civilian security Identity Background Checks – Period

Net Detective is more than a background directory. We also give you tips and strategies to protect your own personal privacy and identity. Find out ways you can cloak your email address so you aren't discovered. Learn ways to make private phone calls without appearing on your phone bill. Learn strategies you can use to open untraceable asset protection or anonymous bank accounts!

Net Detective, the most powerful search resource on the market today, gives you an entire year of unlimited access to more than 400,000,000+ records critical to your business and personal life for one, low fee of $29.00. Thats less than $10 a year for a 3 year unlimited membership.That's just $0.08 per day, and you'll never pay per-search fees again! Start searching today.

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