Saturday, December 8, 2007

Top Ten reasons to do a online background check?

Online background checks are up over 2000% over the last 2 years because they are user friendly and inexpensive to perform. You can run a background check in less time than it takes to google someone. There are a million reasons why people background check others but here are the top ten that i have run across. These are in no particular order.

1. You need to contact a friend or relative that you have lost contact information for. You have misplaced the address and/or telephone number or only have the address and need a phone number.

2. You suspect your spouse is cheating on you and have a phone number or license plate number and want to know who they belong to. You may even have a email address or name.

3. You are getting married and want to make sure you are not marring into huge credit card debt. A online background check can find that financial information in a flash.

4. Hiring employees, you have to do online checks these days.

5. Room-mates, you need to know if the person you will be staying with is a flake, or even worst maybe the room-mate of your college age child is a flake or criminal.

6. Buying a house or renting, find out if the landlord is honest or has multiple complaints lodged against him/her. Likewise, you can perform checks on your real estate agent when you are buying a house from a Realtor or a private owner.

7. Buying a car from a used car dealer or private owner.

8. 2 words... Online Dating, you just can't be too careful in todays social climate. Find the lunatics and stalkers before you commit to that date.

9. You want to check on your daughters boyfriend or you kids friends or friends parents.

10 Buying insurance. An online background check can instantly tell you if your insurance man is legit or fly by night.

There are countless reasons why online background checks are useful when trying to find out information. No more ferreting out information one page at a time or researching 100 pages over 300 hours, now you can get an easy list on all information from one place. Yes online background checks have opened the world up and made it easier to catch a cheat or scammers.

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