Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The best way to control road rage. Keep your drivers license and sanity.

"...So i'm driving on the expressway today on my way home from dropping my wife off. I am merging onto a not so bad traffic situation and here comes this car across three lanes to cut me off. I actually had to go off onto the shoulder of the road to keep from being hit in the side. Of course i nearly lost my mind, i started cussing and -sorry to admit it- chasing the guys in the offending vehicle. I was well into a plan of action of what i would do when i finally caught up with them. What had sparked this abnormal surge of anger was that one of the guys actually gave me the finger when they were abreast of me. I had my doubts about the term temporary insanity up until that point but after i trul believe in it. I think that was a moment where i was no longer completely sane. I just kept think, what if my kids would have been in the car or what if my wife or daughter were driving?

Here i am 43 years old with a wife and 3 kids in college and one in middle school, racing down the highway at speeds up to 80+ MPH neither paying attention to or aware of anyone other than me and that rustybucket full of boozers that i was chasing after, only one thing kept me from making a almost certain life changing decision. My cell phone rang. I answered and it was my wife calling to tell me something she had forgotten to mention before getting out of the car at work. The first thing she said was "whats wrong with your voice?" And "why'd it take so long for you to answer? I called 4 times and only got the voice mail, i was well on my way to getting worried." Well that calmed me right down and i aborted pursuit,isn't that what the police call it? My wife listened to my explanation and explained a bunch of things that i already knew. The thing i remember most is that after i had huffed and puffed in an attempt to defend my loss of control (for lack of a better phrase) My wife said calmly, "why don't you just remember the license plate number and do a background, license plate check on the driver, and when you find him send him a letter or a worst driver ever card? Well she made me feel very silly in under 30 seconds, she also found a great way to let an idiot know that they are an idiot, me and the reckless driver. Thanks for your great product, you may have saved my life, i know you probably saved my license" Bob,C, West allis, Wisconsin

this is my all-time favorite customer email that i have received in the 5 years ihave been doing this and i just want to say to the senders wife, "way to go!" women are so much smarter than us mere men. Admin

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