Thursday, December 20, 2007

Employee arrest makes CSU make background checks Mandatory.

FORT COLLINS – Colorado State University is instituting a new background check policy a day after an employee was arrested for multiple sexual assaults and burglaries.

Samuel Kase White, 30, was arrested Monday night for sexual assault and burglary in two separate cases. Fort Collins Police say both incidents happened on September 28.

White was an administrative assistant in CSU's human resources department and had some access to personnel information, according to the university. He was hired last April.

The CSU policy change will now require background checks for all new hires and for those being promoted. The old policy only gave background checks to new hires who had access to financial information or dealt with children or dorms. Read More

Unlimited Background checks less than $10 a year.

I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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