Saturday, December 29, 2007

Seven (7) Private Investigator techniques used to obtain free information on anyone.

In every state across the country it is legal to do your own investigations into anyone else. You don’t need any license or permission from any government agency. You can’t represent yourself as a Private Investigator though, that is illegal. Most information is easily and readily available to the public through many “public records outlets in every state. Any information you might need about any person or property is available through your county hall of records or city hall or courthouse, that is if you know how and where to find them. There are also online background check services that combine all the available sources for public information and query them all at once, saving you hours of travel and days of legwork. Most modern Investigators choose this route to save time, energy and money. Here is a list of 7 ways to obtain information on any Pronoun, person, place or thing. A good background check membership website will utilize all of the below listed techniques and more on a national level almost instantly.

Reverse Phone Directories. Phone companies (many of them) will sell you a reverse listing phone book of subscribers listed by phone number first as opposed to the normal name first format. So if you know a telephone number you can find the corresponding address and name. Unlisted numbers do not appear in this book but there are many reverse phone number lookup services online who do the same thing on a national level, saving you time and energy again. Welcome to the future.

The Board of elections. This is a great source of information, a persons name, hair and eye color, place of employment, previous employment and addresses. There is even immigration status information and unpublished phone numbers.

The USPS (post office) Under the freedom of information act you can request information on any box holder in the country, for a small fee. But any citizen can make the information unavailable for the same fee.

Property Records. There is a property office in every county, you can find great financial and property records there as a united states citizen.

The DMV (motor vehicles) you can get the identification of all vehicles owned by and individual or business, their driving records and any suspensions or liens and more.

Tax Assessors or collectors office. Great source of tax information on individuals, goes hand in hand with the next one on the list.

Bureau of vital statistics. This is where you can find birth certificates, death certificates and marriage licenses.

These are all time tried and proven methods of obtaining information for free, but they have always been time consuming and energy expensive. There is a much easier way to gather information in today’s modern world for the average citizen. These online background check service query the entire countries databases and can find in seconds what use to take weeks of footwork and research.

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