Thursday, December 27, 2007

Myspace and face book are dangerous places without the right tools

With the unimaginable rise in people using, surfing and though I am loath to say it, preying and lurking on facebook and myspace, you need to protect yourself. There are tools on the Internet for free that can make your social community online experience much safer. By using background check websites and ip address trackers, not to mention proxy applications, you can find out who the stalker perverts are with minimal effort. We have all been witness to the rise in online predators that cover the face of the newspaper and splash across the evening news. This is not our parent’s times, this is a new and infinitely dangerous time we live in. We almost need to replace the “welcome” mats in front of our doors with a plaque the reads “never trust nobody.” It is hard to keep yourself and family safe in this highly technological time we live in.

Back when I started online a background check on the average citizen was nearly impossible for the average person. You almost had to meet in an alleyway with federal agents or unscrupulous individuals and pay them an attaché case full of money, like in a cut-rate thriller in Hollywood. Now what was out of reach for the average citizen is free, easy and accessible to anyone with a computer and a phone line. It took me tracing my daughter’s ex-boyfriends IP address to the same city and area as me, she really thought he was the average emailer from school or something. He may have been innocently playing the “secret admirer” role to win back her love, or he could have been a weirdo who couldn’t let go. It was nice to be made aware though. What if it was a complete stranger? I run background checks on every one of her friends and turn up a lot of useful information. You can never be sure who has a criminal record or for what offense. Call me nosy but I call myself a great parent who recognizes that I am smarter, less impulsive and more experienced than my children.

I am only their friend when I am not busy being their parent.

So guard yourself and your family against online threats by doing these basic things. Take advantage of IP checking websites, they are free and they can help you narrow down your search and provide useful information of who and where your kids are communicating online. They can also help you find a pervert that sends you strange email.

Use background check websites, this is the fastest and easiest way to know who you or your kids are dealing with. There are a few good ones out there and many, many, many…. Bad ones. One I have great confidence in is the ones over at Net-detective because I can lookup anyone at anytime as many times as I want for less than $10 a year. They showed me a bunch of really cool tricks like caller id tricks and email masking techniques. All this is in addition to the regular phone, email, license plate and telephone and social security number lookups. They really are worth the time if you spend allot of time on myspace and/or face book. Why not protect yourself?

Background check information page.

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