Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Are online public records and background checks scams or legimate?

Unfortunately there is any number of unscrupulous individuals in the Internet marketplace, just like in the real world marketplace. There are online background checking websites that are good for nothing beyond taking your money. They routinely give you nothing more that the same information that you could find free on a basic Google search. I have been selling online public records investigations exclusively for the last 4 years so I have run into more than my share of con artist background check websites. But just as with anything I have learned through trial and error to recognize these charlatans and fleecers, as I call them, and steer clear of them.

Throughout my career online I have tried, used and affiliate marketed for hundreds of these websites. And after all is said and done I have found approximately 3 that were honest and offered a great service with grade a customer support. Out of hundreds. This is a very disheartening effect on the whole “paid” background check industry. Thankfully for the last 2 years I have been endorsing a great site with A-1 results, staff and support so my customers are always satisfied with their results. And this is what you as a customer needs to find. I can help you do that with 2 simple tips.

1. Try free public records websites first. Sometimes what you want to know is just sitting on Google waiting for the right keywords to activate it and bring it to the surface. I must warn you that Google searches are very time consuming and reading intensive but do work of the information you are looking for is not to in-depth. For indepth searches I recommend my own website.

2. Always look for testimonials, it is illegal to false advertise (though many do it) and the sites that do this are usually uncovered and communicated across the web to anyone interested. It is easy to type “background check website reviews” in google and go from there. And though it is fairly easy to fake a testimonial they usually look just that, fake. And steer away from thise sites that don’t display testimonials because usually they are the ones that have “been warned” by internet consumer watchdog groups.

3. Use services that offer memberships as opposed to single searches. In the long run the $15.99 single search paid background check will cost exponentially more than a paid unlimited search membership public records service. The one suggested after this post is a 3 year unlimited membership that also passes my inspection and it only costs $29.00 for the membership. This allows you to search anyone, anytime during that membership period.

4. Read the fine print. There are many good services out there but there are also many bad services out there, so you must be careful and testimonials and recommendations are the best route. Some of the bigger more reputable websites also offer tools and techniques to greatly improve your chances of finding exactly what you want. So do look for membership sites that let you do other things that you might find useful like, mask telephone numbers, search DMV records or conduct a Search from your cell phone. And they should offer the basics also like, telephone nimber checks, sex offernder searches and many others. Some just offer the initial search and uninformed consumers fall for them daily, padding their coffers.

Final word. Online public records and background check websites are all just about as good as their owners and webmasters. Some are a crock and some are useful;, helpful and positive models for the entire industry. If you find the right place this tool is amazing and will give you joy and pleasure for years to come.

I hope this helped, and if you have followed the tips and are now ready for professional quality online background checks and services. Click the more info link below. Of course if you are sure and ready to go click the I’m sold link.

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