Sunday, November 11, 2007

Background check service may have saved womans life.

This is an email i received from a reader a few days ago and i wanted to post it for new readers and old readers alike. Enjoy and feel free to send me your Public records search related stories and comments i am here from sunup to sunup 14 days a week (or so it seems) and i just want to spread the word about background checks and the usefulness that they provide.

If only i knew then what i know now

I remember the first time i saw him and actually noticed him, it was raining and i had neglected to bring an umbrella. As i sat under the rent to own furniture store awning, two building over from my new jobs entrance, wondering what i was going to do about lunch. I was in a daze i guess because later i found out that he had asked me 3 times to share his umbrella. I remember when i looked in his eyes it was like looking into a calm ocean in bermuda or somewhere tropical. I guess i went blank again but this time it only took two tries to bring me back. I thought about it for a second because i actually did not remember him, but then said yes and thank you when i figured out that i worked with him and had seen him a few times around the office. If i knew then what i know now i would have ran as fast as i could in the opposite direction.

It started out average, our runaway love affair, (Rofl) we had lunch twice more that week and after that almost every day. He was a gentleman and a hard worker that sent me flowers and even cooked for me after we got "hot and heavy" It wasnt until after we were engaged 10 months later that i discovered he was a registered sex offender and that the name he gave me wasn't even his name but his dead brothers. He was wanted in his home state for statutory rape. After we moved in together is when i found all of this out, using your service i might add, and i wanted to thank you personally. I ran his name through your website and discovered that he was using his deceased brothers identity. I found his parents and a few of his friends and they warned me away. I have always wondered what attracted this "scumbag" to me, and the best thing i can come up with is my small stature, i am 5'1" and weigh in at about 100 pounds. I was fine with my size and had never worried about what type of man I attracted, now i worry about that every man that approaches me. I have him to thank for that. But he has his extended stay in prison to thank me for but he never will because he doesnt know it was me that got his perverted tail busted.

A few weeks before finding all this out he had started to become secretive and sneaky. I wondered what the change came from and that is why i wanted to background check him. And after that 1st slap (thats all it takes for me, as i have said i am very small in size) i kicked him out and ran the background check. He stalked and begged and promised, i admit even to this day he thinks he had a chance to get back together. I took it upon myself to place him back in jail, hopefully without his knowledge, i did not want him brewing in jail thinking about paying me back, hell i watch movies. Well long story short that plan worked and now my life is pervert lying skank bastard free. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the honest helpful service you run. Deloris (fake name) in houston (fake city) haha.

Thanks Deloris (wink) i will share this with my readers. And readers feel free to send your stories and testimonials (good or bad) to me and i just may print them. If you need advice or to be steered in a better direction, i am here for that also.

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I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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