Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dirty tricks to catch your spouse or lover cheating. Find the truth.

Allot of you reading this might understand what I am trying to explain, at least I hope so.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you loved someone and knew they loved you right back, but still had a nagging feeling that hey were cheating? You don’t really have any proof, just a relentless feeling that they were cheating or at the least lying? After a while of that you start to go crazy a little. You search clothes pockets and stalk and all manner of embarrassing things, everyone thinks its about the man/woman, but its really all about that feeling, and it starts to become an obsession. And while you are obsessed with find out for the sake of the feeling you feel, everyone else thinks you are chasing after a lover. You spend more time watching them and calling them and invading their privacy. But its not your fault, You tell yourself, its their fault for lying. And don’t catch them lying or else you are never gonna give up the search and you are officially sprung, hung up, obsessed, a stalker, basically a weirdo and crazy person.

Why go through all that in this modern age? Nowadays you can find out anything about anybody instantly. Don’t let your relationship make you make yourself look like a fool. Do something about it. Below are a few dirty tricks that can help you find out about your significant (hmph) other.

1. Background checks: Background checks are the easiest way to find out about somebody.

You get what you pay for so…..

2. Make use of modern technology: If they have a cell phone, go into the settings or options part and change their auto-answer settings to on. Using that feature it tells the phone to automatically answer after a certain number of rings. Why is this a good way to see if he/she cheating you ask? Because, imagine its 11:30pm and your “other” tells you he has to make a run, and you assume he is going to go to anothers arms. Well with the auto answer on, you can give him/her enough time to get where they are going and then call. If the ringer is off the phone will still answer the call, leaving the mic and hearing on. If it’s on, he/she will look at the number and let it ring, tossing it aside but the phone will still answer and let you hear. If you cant catch a person that way, you don’t need too, its that easy.

3. This should make you feel like a loser but check the condition of the sink and washcloth to see if they are in the same condition (wet or dry) when they return.

4. Check with the people at catch a cheat, they really have allot of the signs cataloged.

I am only telling you these steps to keep you from clowning yourself or making a fool out of yourself in those times where you just have to know or go crazy.

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