Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clickbank Product Search Box. Search clickbank software products like you would websites.

We have placed a clickbank product search box at the bottom of our blog. You can search for any product and be transported to 10's of thousands of products.

Ordered according to popularity so that visitors find the most popular sites first. Everyday, the popularity ranks are updated from the Clickbank marketplace feed. I originally set it up for my Background check visitors but so many others used it that i figured i may as well make a formal introduction.

Directions to use: Scroll Down to bottom of page, type in phrase or product, the software searches the content of the sites, Meta titles, Meta descriptions and Meta keywords rather than the Clickbank marketplace titles and descriptions. So you get many more results. Pretty cool huh?

When visitors enter words in the Search Box, they can search for 'All words', 'Any word' or 'Exact phrase'. Easy as a regular search engine.

Thanks to Darius at our sister site I hate marketing gurus.

Visit information page.
I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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