Friday, August 8, 2008

The sneakiest website online and why i love it.

I get more emails than anything else telling me how before visiting the background check site how someone thought that this website was a shameful and dreadful sneaky idea. That was until they tried or needed my service and then all of a sudden the emails contained thank you notes and apologies. A few explain to me that i run the best background check website ever. Others thank me for helping them find one person or another.

If in the 6 years i have been doing this background check thing i could pull out hundreds of such emails. I never could understand why people thought i was a bad person or a nosy person when all of the information i provide was public records already. When a person uses my background check service and does a background check they are just using the available public records information in a faster way. Instead of going to hundreds of separate websites and web pages they just gain access to my database that is filled with information i have gathered for them over many, many years. There are over a quarter of a billion names in this database. I have just consolidated this public information and any other information i could find.

So no it never hurts my feelings that people feel my service is "meddling" i just provide a service that saves time and effort. You could do hundreds of searches on search engines and find this same information but that would take days maybe even weeks. So when and if you find you need to locate someone, anyone in America give me a look see and save time, effort and money.

D Harris Public Records Guru.

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I'm sold, Where do i sign up? Unlimited access less than $10 annually.

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