Saturday, August 9, 2008

These tools let you find anyone, anywhere, anytime instantly.

This is just another background check email testimonial from another satisfied user.

Not so many months ago i was in charge of locating people for my high schools 20 year reunion. I was armed with google and a yearbook, to see i thought my job hopeless would have been an understatement at best. I just knew 5 search terms into it that i would be lucky if i could find anyone. I am a natural pit bull when confronted with a task but i must admit that this time i wanted to throw in the towel. After maybe 4 hours and 2 successes later using normal search engines i got desperate and typed in "best way to find anyone online" and your website came up at the top of the results. I navigated to the site and was impressed with the promises that the website made, "find anyone instantly" was just what i needed. Well long story short it was well past midnight and i must admit i would have tried anything. I signed up for your membership and less than an hour later i had 12 people found complete with addresses and telephone numbers. To say i was shocked would be an even greater understatement than the last one, i'll just say i was very happy and went to sleep feeling better than i had in the last 4 hours. I found more people than we could have ever thought we would. I am a believer and the price was considerably less than i would have guessed. I told everyone on the commitee so expect more users.

Ann Berreton, New Berlin, Wisconsin

No problem Ann, thats what we are here for.

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