Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home intrusions increase prompting online backgound check upswing.

In recent years there has been an increase in people posing as officials, city workers and even police officers, this has caused an increase in home background check membership. Here are a few examples.

In Milwaukee a man posing as a city worker tells an elderly couple that a gas smell has been reported by neighbors in the neighborhood and that he needed to check her house "just to be sure." Once inside they were tied up and burglarized, this could have been deadly, they were lucky.

With the rise in personal home computers and cheap state of the art printers anyone can be anyone. Of course you should always check names and badges but some people are very trusting. While in the past that was a asset and showed that you yourself were an honest person but in todays world that makes you a target more than anything.

Here are a few examples taken directly from the news stories of late.

A man entered a house through an insecure window in Sparvell Road, Knaphill at around 4.30pm on Tuesday 27 November and when confronted by the owner he told him he was a Police Community Support Officer.

The intruder asked the elderly male owner if there was any money in the house and then opened the front door to let in three other men. They carried out a search of the house but at this stage it appears that nothing was taken. The offenders made off when the victim called the police.

Another example.

A BOGUS water board worker skulked round the home of an 87-year-old woman as she slept in an armchair downstairs.

When she woke up and confronted the intruder, he told her he was doing checks on her home on behalf of North West Water.

Be careful, always ask for a name and never allow anyone in your property until you check their credentials. With a modern online background check you can instantly learn the background of anyone, neighbors, service men, doctors even the avon lady and police officers right fro your computer or even cellular phones with internet access quickly and easily. And the best part is no one will be the wiser except you.

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