Friday, August 29, 2008

How to find private information online. The best online dating tool.

How do online Background checks work.

Users of the Internet are becoming concerned that companies collect private information on everyone in America. And more and more of this private information is being made available and easy to find online. The consumer does not trust statements issued by companies on how they will use such information and trust less statements that their information will not be sold or shared, it has and it will rest assured, there is no information that is still privat. However, these companies do not yet realize the consumer backlash that they will face in the near future, in the long run. The current practice for collecting information means that people would be asked all kinds of personal and private information when registering at Web sites, stores and almost anything. Online information, if matched with other private information, will only further compromise personal privacy.

That was written 8 years ago and it is even more true now. They are collecting information on you and everyone you know, shouldn't you have access to it? The courts say yes and thats where online background check websites come in.

Know what they know about you. (and anyone else)

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