Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Kids are never without their cellphones - Their mistake, gotcha!

If your kids are like my kids then they are never without their cellphones, gotcha!

I have been hearing and writing about a wonderful product that allows jilted lovers and suspecting spouses to track messages, numbers called and even the actual cellphone through use of the built in GPS sofware installed in most modern cellphones and all"smart phones" that are sold on the market. I loved this technology and have tested more than my share of these software titles.

I just recently figured out that I was looking at the software all wrong.

I don't feel like my wife is cheating on me ans have no desire to spy on her, but my kids, now that's a whole 'nother ball of string. I would love to spy on them, not to invade but to safeguard.

Was that game she went to last weekend actually a party?

Are any of them sending or receiving nude pictures like the news says 60% of todays kids are?

I wanted to know. This is why I used the cheater catcher spy software on their phones, each and every one of them, because like I said, they are never without their cellphones.

So even though I have offered this software before on my blog I want to re-offer it for a totally different reason... To spy on your kids. You can actually try out a demo account at the site and see for yourself what you are getting.

Take a look at this new technology here.

Visit information page.

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