Friday, November 5, 2010

What can people find out about you online?

In just about every state across America it is legal to do your own background investigations into anyone else. You don't need a special license or permission from any government agency. You can't represent yourself as a Official Private Investigator though, that is very illegal and punishable as a felony under the law. The simple truth is you do not need to impersonate anyone, all you need is a computer, 10 minutes and internet access and you can find out more about your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers than Jim Rockford (Rockford Files) could have in a week.

Most people's information is readily available to anyone through "public records and background check investigation" outlets in every state and most are also online. Just about any information you may need about any person or property is available through your county hall of records or city hall or courthouse, that is if you know how and where to find them. That route is time consuming as heck but the information is there if you take the time to investigate and find it. I would suggest cutting 98% of the time off your search by using a public records or background check service.

Find out about anyone in minutes.

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