Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Find out the truth about anyone in Minutes from anywhere.

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After moving into a new town or neighborhood, you may have the tendency to feel incomplete. If you do not know anyone in town, you end up being complete stranger, left feeling like an intimidated new kid on the first day of high school. As time progresses, residents of the neighborhood begin to open up to you, making you feel a bit more welcome. Eventually, associates at the job are more receptive. You establish a group of your own that gathers faithfully in the break room. Some of them you have even grown close to; close enough to label friends.

After a while, things begin to change. One of your friends in the circle becomes a cause for concern. Perhaps his behavior has grown erratic; he has become suddenly depressed and his actions are strange. While some may think you are overreacting, your need for worry is genuine. By way of national and local news, we are witnessing more senseless violence on the job. More innocent victims lives are being claimed by co-workers, people they casually associated with on a daily basis. Once the story hits the press, we typically find that the suspect had a shaky past, one that could have been thoroughly looked into with an employee or criminal background check.

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