Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anyone else notice how many stalkers there are now?

I was just sitting here and started thinking about all the people i have known in life who was a stalker, probably even myself and who ever is reading this.

Are You A Stalker?

I think the main reason why if you asked someone directly, are you a stalker? More than 80% would answer no when in fact over 80% should say yes is that no one has a clear idea of what stalking is. Is it alright to try to get them back 20 times, 10, 5? Whats the maximum you can show up unexpected or wanted to "just talk" to a ex before you are undoubtedly a stalker? Everyone knows the extremes of stalking but no one knows the subtleties of stalking.

I may have even stalked myself, but that was different. Thats another reason there are so many stalkers. People always think that them stalking is different. Its fine to call and showup and follow to work those that have spurned you. You aren't stalking them you are "just trying to talk to them". If it has gotten to the point of showing up at a persons place of employment you are a stalker. But allot of people don't get that, and most of the people reading this article are included in that most.

I remember when my girlfriend (wife now) left me after i got caught with another woman. That was decades ago when i was a kid. I called five dollars worth of quarters and got hung up on every single time. That was stalking, but i "just wanted to talk to her" I went by, i even once after months of being apart showed up at her house when she had a date. I am a stalker. I did not mean to be but to my mind if i could just get her to hear the truth i could win her back. How many people have a story like that in their past? Thats what i thought. I speak lightly of this issue but while many stalkers are just love sick many more are just plain sick.

Me and my girlfriend had been together for a few years but some people stalk after oly a few dates sometimes with no dates at all. Those are the real weirdos and nutjobs that you need to protect yourself from. You need somewhere you can just punch a name in and find out about a suitor or date. I recommend the background check service below. Its the easiest and most reliable around and you can even do a background check from your mobile phone. This gives a whole new meaning to picking up the phone and asking who is it?

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