Monday, May 12, 2008

Stop being the victim and empower yourself through information.

In todays world there are so many ways to become a victim that its hard to even be safe keeping to yourself or minding your own business. Neighbors are threats, delivery men are threats even the clergy, teachers and business associates are threats. No one can know where the next threat is coming from.

In all my years writing about, reviewing and selling background checks i have to say that this is the worst i have seen it in all those years. I also have to say that this is the best i have ever done, apparently people have taken my advice and used the tools i talk about here on the blog and website and used them to empower themselves against fraud and underhanded people. Finally more and more people understand how important it is to know who you are dealing with at an increases rate than in the past. My tools really do help you find out the truth about people as opposed to the "need to know" basis they give out this information when talking to you.

In the past i was a accused of being overly suspicious, nosy and any number of other things when i was just aware of human nature and the times we are living in. Gone are the days of trusting strangers and helping out a hitch-hiker. Neighbors don't look out for each other like we use to and friends and family are often to blame for things friends and family did not do to each other in the past. It doesn't feel good to run into an old friend you may want to take up with again, run his name and find out that he has sexual assault or fraud or theft or any other bad thing in his past that you would have never known if left up tho them. It nay no feel so good to you at the time but imagine how bad it would feel to find out first hand after one of those crimes were commited against you or lord forbid you family. It pays to find out the truth about potential friends and business acquaintances in the modern world. We have to live in it, we do not have to go unprotected.

And you can avoid allot of wasted pain and suffering for less than $10 a year, you can find out the background of anyone an unlimited number of searches for that small price. And to encourage you to protect yourself from friends, neighbors and strangers i have found and am suggesting the lowest priced membership with the biggest array of tools to keep you safe. Background checks, criminal and many others, email tracking tools, license plate and phone number tracking and more, all for only $29 for a 3 year unlimited use membership. I can not guarantee the price for much longer than a month but for now it is sticking.

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