Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The latest advances in the public records industry.

There are so many technological advances in the public records and background check arena that make it far easier for the average citizen to find and investigate anyone that it is almost mind boggling.

Did you know you could perform background checks on almost anyone in America (over 230 million citizens) and it is perfectly legal, spectacularly simple and very inexpensive compare to 5 years ago? My public recirds and background check membership allows me to...

# Personal background records - Find current and previous names, addresses and vital records.

# Track, ceck, trace, anyone of over 230 million citizens

# The best online background check resource, find people and more.

# Historical property records - Locate property ownership records across the nation

# Phone numbers - Get listed and unlisted phone numbers (including mobile and VoIP lines)

# Criminal records - Find out details on anyone's criminal past

# Asset Records - What's he worth? Is she telling you the truth? Find out, today

# Civil judgments, bankruptcies and liens - Uncover their complete credit picture

# Civil records - Find in depth birth, death, marriage and divorce information

All from my PC, any PC and even from my cellphone. And all of this for a very inexpensive cost. Try 5 years unlimited access for $23.00. I got mine at a special rate that i am extending to this blogs readers. If interested hit the link.

Visit information page.
I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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