Friday, January 9, 2009

The best background check price ever. 5 years $23.00!

This is the Email I received this morning. It was from one of my sponsors and it was great news. Now i can offer you a product i have had personally tested and found to be satisfactory. The price is unbelievable, better than i campaigned for. I can finally have a sale i can stand behind. Did i mention the price was impossible? 5 year membership with all the bells, whistles, tools and resources for $23 and change. I advise anyone even thinking about public records, background checks or looking for a friend, family member or ??? to read this email and visit the information page.

We know how hard the average person is being hit by the economy. That is why we have reduced our price to help you through this time. We have cut our prices 85% for the holiday season for all of our affiliates. We want everyone to have access to our databases. If your visitors have ever thought about public records or background checks, this is the time to urge them to further investigate. We will end this sale soon.

In addition Gov-Resources also gives your referrals immediate access to...

* Lost Classmates and old College buddies you went to school with.

* Find the truth about anyone instantly. We Find People.

* Check up on potential dates, suitors or life partners

* Investigate a suspicious person or strange neighbor

* Find out if a sex offender lives near you and get alerted by email

* Lookup sources for Military Records

* Find the truth about Co-workers

By joining they get Unlimited Access... our ENTIRE Private-Only Members Area. This includes fully organized databases, resources and data centers they can personally use to conduct their own investigations from the privacy of their own home just like the detectives do! We make online investigations simple and now for this limited time we make it ultra inexpensive. Take advantage of the best tools online.

You are just minutes away from having that kind of knowledge at your fingertips (great tagline for emails, advertisements....)

So tell me... What are you waiting for? Promote away.

Visit information page.

I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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