Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy girlfriend story. Emails from hell.

Email i received on the site from a user:

Hi my name is Victor and i am a member of the website that you talk about on your background check blog. I purchased a membership and hadn't had a need to use it until recently. I joined about 11 months ago. Let me tell you a quick story about how your website saved me a lot of time, money, pain and suffering.

I just went through a very rough relationship that began in a rough patch in my life. Me and cythia (fake name) had been going out for about a year and a half before she started acting funny (not haha) she started to have reasons of her own to fight and argue whenever i came home from work or she came in from outdoors. I could never understand what the arguments were about even after she spent the better part of the day brooding and mentioning them. I was going crazy slowly and gradually, so gradually that i did not even notice it anymore. It was one of those just was things. No reason, no rhyme just a fact of daily life.

I don't want to say every day was bad but i have to because it was. she would leave and return angry at me even though i had not even seen her that day. I was in a whole lot of confusion and hurt. One of my friends had a talk with me and the background check service came up and from there it was history. I was stunned when i entered her name and city into the search box.She had a criminal record for domestic abuse, resisting arrest and a bunch of other things that only unstable people do, breaking windows, stalking, she even had a prowling charge. I started paying attention then and found out she was bi-polar and had gotten a prior boyfriend fired. This woman was a certifiable loony type. I did a little legwork and found that her last boyfriend had restraining orders on her even now. I also found out she was having 2 separate affairs and had 4 guys in total seeking protection from her from the courts. Imagine i was going to marry her. That was and still is a scary thought. Long story short i broke from her and moved my internet business back to my home town (i was only in that city for the relationship) I am happy and successful and crazy lady free and its all thanks to you.

Victor in more ways than one. Thanks

Its the least i can do victor. I set this whole thing up that i do just to get stories like this with happy endings. And also to show as many people as i can that the information is out there to make you and your family and loved ones safer in a very cooky world.

D. Harris

Visit information page.
I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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