Monday, February 25, 2008

Top Ten undeniable hints that you are old now.

10. You blow air through your lips, sigh and roll your eyes if you come home and your mate is horny.

9. Your kids laugh at how you dance, even wen you are trying hard.

8. You think snoop doggy dog is what all the kids call snoopy off of peanuts cartoons now-a-days.

7. You say things like “all the kids” as in, all the kids are saying it.”

6. Hip-Hop is an accurate description of how you walk.

5. People unrelated to you call you play mom or dad.

4. People in their 20’s are “too young for you”, to you.

3. You realize that a good 93% of what your mother said was right.

2. You have “back in the day” stories for every occasion.

1. You thought you farted but you really used it a little bit on yourself.

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