Monday, February 18, 2008

Are you working with a ticking time bomb? 20% of americans are.

Are you working with a ticking time bomb? 20% of americans are.
2/18/2008 6:05 PM

(scenario) You come to work like its any other average day. On the way to your desk you see an employee in a heated argument with your superior. They argue for a few minutes before taking it into an office and closing the door behind them, still in heated disagreement.

This bothers you more than usual because the employee is hot-headed and has a history of intimidation and unrest, this is the second time in as many months that you have seen this employee aggressively arguing with a work-mate. The employee has exhibited signs of stress for the past month or more. He is hard to work with and even talk to, but during the time working with him you have found out little background information about from water cooler talk and close proximity. You don’t know enough about him to know if unstable or not but you would bet he was if forced to bet. How long do you go on wondering if he is a ticking time bomb? You see the stories on the news of normal citizens exploding at schools, work and even shopping malls so you may be a bit more sensitive than you would normally be about such things.

Why have excess stress in your life? You are at work nearly a fifth of your life, shouldn’t you feel secure in the fact that you know the people you work with? The fact is this: less than 50% of Americans know all the people they work with and less than 15% really know their work-mates.
No one knows who has been institutionalized for criminal or psychological reasons. We usually just trust that everyone is a team player in the work place, after all we are all on the same team. But the real and habitually ignored fact of the matter is that that is not true all of the time.

Make your life less stressed by finding out the information you need to know and which may save your life. Find the truth about anyone from the comfort of your on computer screen discreetly. No one will know and you can use the information to make better informed decisions about what, where and with who you associate with. I am and you should be also. And the price for this incredibly useful informational access you ask, my membership costs less than 2 gallons of milk a year for unlimited access. That means I can make as many background check, criminal records checks and telephone and license plate traces as I want to any time I feel an urge.
After hearing all this you should be asking yourself one question: Why aren’t you in the know?

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