Monday, August 27, 2007

Investigate anyone & run background checks from your cellular phone.

Did you know that you can do online investigations right from your cellular phones internet browser?
The world online is changing from day to day and it has been estimated that technology doubles every 18 months or less. So what this means is that things that were impossible last week may be possible tomorrow. The latest toys and gadgets to take advantage of this "evolution" in technology is the cellular phone. cellular phones now utilize G.P.S and are capable of finding anyone, anywhere, with a cellular phone on the planet to within a few yards or feet. cellular phones can keep you in the loop when you are physically nowhere near the loop. You can even send money electronically through with your personal cellular communication device, there are even cellular dating sites. Now you can add the convenience and information of online background checks to the list of things done on and by your personal cellular phone.

No more unknown addresses, unknown phone numbers or lost friends!!

The world is getting smaller as information becomes more readily and easily available to consumers, civilians and the average Joe or Jane armed with a cellular phone. Imagine the first time you drop your kids off at summer camp or a friends house for an overnight stay and you don't have to wonder what kind of secrets the people charged with caring for your children are keeping. just think how secure you will feel knowing that in seconds you can open your cellular phones web browser, navigate to the net-detective website, type in that persons name and find out everything about that person, in seconds no less. Would that piece of mind and sense of security be worth less than $10 a year? Well thats what Net detective offers. Imagine being worry free (at least in that aspect of life) for a mere $10 a year. I can think of 100 ways to use this and i can't write them all but if you are reading this article then you can think of your own ways this will benefit you personally. Telephone numbers, license plates, checking on people at your office or front door. i even ran a check on my daughters day-care teacher and found a arrest for marijuana possesion. I bet you would signup for that option at your local mobile phone customer service desk.

Unfortunately you cant get it from your cell phones service desk. Fortunately you can do it from the net-detective website or affiliate web sites. Just click the link below to order or find out more information.

Visit information page.
I'm sold, Where do i sign up?

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