Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How to find out if you have warrants, liens or commitments online.

If you have unpaid traffic tickets, missed court dates, or a criminal history, you might be wondering if you have warrants out for your arrest. There are a few simple things you can do to find out if you do.

1) Call the courthouse that you think you might have warrants in. Ask to talk to the payment office and ask if you have any warrants. You need to have your case ID number that you received in the mail or at the courthouse on hand.

2) Use one of the free or cheap online warrant lookup services. The good ones will require a small fee, (about $10 a year- see below post) but it is worth it if it means getting your warrants cleared up.

3) Go up and ask a police officer if you have any warrants. WARNING: doing this may result in your arrest, I would not recommend doing this if you think you are wanted. If you think you are wanted i would suggest going to the police station.

4) Do nothing and wait. Eventually someone will contact you, but they might put you in a great deal of debt, or worse send you to jail.

5) Do a background check. Background checks are fast easy and more effective than a private investigator was 5 years ago. The arena of public records is growing and growing and growing, making anyone James Bond informationally.

Unpaid warrants have ruined a great number of people's lives. I cannot stress enough how important it is to know if you have warrants out in your name. Your warrants, which you may not even know about, could keep you from getting a job, destroy your credit thereby preventing you from owning a home, or even put you in prison for a long time. Take the advice in this article and get rid of those warrants. Your future depends on it!

Mike Matthews is a lawyer in Dallas, TX and author of http://erasewarrants.blogspot.com

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