Thursday, October 30, 2008

How to find people online without wasting time, effort and money.

Recently my sister-in-law got was wondering about what had happened to her first husband after they broke up. Their relationship had ended badly and they hadn't talked or seen each other for thirty years. She tried looking for her ex's name on Google and Yahoo but didn't have much luck, search engines aren't very proficient at people search or trying to find people. Knowing I do research online in my work as a professional writer, she asked if I could use a few of my professional resources to help her find him..

I write for a living, so I use a number of high-priced databases for in-depth research frequently when at work. But I suggested she try a simpler alternative - a solution I use myself when I want to find someone quickly and easily "off the clock". I suggested she try one of the people search database services. Even the better ones cost very little, they're practically free. Most offer a trial period. I gave her the name of one to try.

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